How Alexander Hamilton Became a Founding Father of the U.S.

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The purpose of this document is to explore the direct relationship of Alexander Hamilton and his experience and ultimate involvement and role in being a founding father of the United States of America. This short report will have a brief history of Alexander Hamilton life and story, his involvement in the revolutionary war, signing the constitution, writing many of the Federalist papers and experience with being secretary of the treasury. To better understand Hamilton’s relationship being involved as a founding father, we must first understand what kind of life he lived. The circumstances he had gone through shaped the kind of person he aimed to be. He was born on January 11, 1757. To start off with, he had very little in life, except for a mother that could provide very little for him who also died early on in his life. He did not have a good future looking out for him, though things seemed against him, they might be the very things that pushed him to decide to seize any good opportunities and progress to the best of his abilities. (Lewis, 2015)

Growing up in the Caribbean on an island known as St. Croix, Hamilton’s first employment was that of a merchant who paid him very little. As learned more, he took all opportunities read and study and improve the business that he was working for, this resulting in the favorability of Hamilton, who took opportunities to improve in his talent but knowledge to execute. As he grew in responsibilities in the shop, he also grew in the popularity of those that saw potential in him, this leading to funds given to send him to college (Lewis, 2015).

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His character proved to carry on through most of his life as he took all opportunities to learn, even when not required, Hamilton proved that making your self better to serve increases your worth with others, society, and personal self. As though to prove to himself that even though he had nothing, the only thing he could have is to become more. So, he did, showing to many people that you can become something great you put your mind to, he went on to become one of the founding father of United States of America, being a solider to fight in the revolutionary war, signing the constitution and eventually to become the first Treasury Secretary (Lewis, 2015). He became known and valuable to others because he consistently applied himself, and acted firmly in what he believed in.

By the end of his life, he suffered from the more negative human side, getting caught up in a sex scandal that did not come out into full view of the public until after finishing his office of Secretary of Treasury, yet it did hurt his reputation in the public eye. Later, to cause contention between Aaron Burr that he politically stood against, Burr believed that Hamilton’s great influence in politics and openly voicing against his leadership led to his failure to gain any leadership, ultimately leading to a duel against Hamilton issued by Burr. In the duel Hamilton missed Burr but was greatly injured by Burr, suffering great pain until his death the next day on July 12, 1804. Now to the significant parts of his life, Hamilton grew in popularity with the revolutionary war come near, “With war pending, Hamilton immersed himself in the study of artillery tactics and military maneuvers.” ( Working his way up the ranks he eventually came to play a big part in the war himself, with his successes in the war, he came to be appointed aid to George Washington himself.

With his success in politics over the war, Alexander became an important public figure, and though not much is said about his involvement in the signing on the constitution, he proved to be a big voice in the support of the constitution. With documents known as the federalist papers, primarily written by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay. These were letters written to be produced in newspapers as arguments for the support of the constitution. The main issue being that many people were not prepared or in favor of ratifying the current government created at the split or independence of the United States of America during the revolutionary war. To see fit in placing a government that work long time, people seemed less than supportive, as a result, the federalist papers were to help convince otherwise, the need for the constitution and ratification of the government. “There ensued a nationwide debate over constitutional principles, and the press was inundated with letters condemning or praising the document, among them these articles, signed “Publius.”The three men—chief among them Hamilton, who wrote about two-thirds of the essays—addressed the objections of opponents, who feared a tyrannical central government that would supersede states’ rights and encroach on individual liberties.” (Foner, E and Garraty, J). The belief of the ratification of the government and those that wished to hold on to what they already had as a government, let to the two political parties being set up known as the nationalist, those that wanted to keep the government already in place, and the Federalists, those that wanted to ratify the government and put in place the constitution. This might be the first political parties in U.S. history. These arguments played a big part in history as the signing of the constitution was a very important part of the government becoming what it needed to become.

The next most important role in Hamilton’s life was that of being the Secretary of Treasury. Sense his experience and knowledge of financial dealing proved to be effective, he set forth to bring America into a value holding nation. “Facing a chaotic treasury burdened by the heavy debt of the Revolutionary War, Hamilton's first interest when he took office was the repayment of the war debt in full. 'The debt of the United States... was the price of liberty,'' he affirmed, and he then put into effect, during 1790 and 1791, a revenue system based on customs duties and excise taxes. Hamilton's attack on the debt helped secure the confidence and respect of foreign nations.” (U.S. Department of Treasury). As shown here, he first sought to bring America out of debt, “He introduced plans for the First Bank of the United States, established in 1791 which was designed to be the financial agent of the Treasury Department. The Bank served as a depository for public funds and assisted the Government in its financial transactions. The First Bank issued paper currency, used to pay taxes and debts owed to the Federal Government.” (U.S. Department of Treasury). He eventually resigned in 1795 but continued to be great help by giving advice to his successors.

In the end, Alexander Hamilton’s life proved to be one that was great, though he had faults, it shows that he had very great important events in his life as a founding father that now effect Americans today and the things that we enjoy with freedom and rights.

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