Holocaust Survivors and Their Destinies After War

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What happens when the Holocaust survivors and former young Nazi leader meet? Six survivors, some of who would be returning to the place it all began for the final minute, say it was a tough time for Jewish families. Rita Goldberg’s mom was one of many Holocaust survivors whose heroic escapes from large Jewish camps are called second-generation survivors. Aviva Turp, who works the Jewish aid Holocaust survivors center in London, says that nightmares, anxiety, and sadness are general or normal to those who survived the Holocaust. Six million Jews were killed during the enormity of mass killings, but some million endured the pain of the Holocaust.

Health of the Holocaust survivors don’t compared to those of who did not experience this traumatic event. The Holocaust was one of the most painful disasters ever planned by someone, with humans being exposed to horrible atrocities. Holocaust survivors offer the opportunity for examining the enduring consequences of heavy trauma and highly stressful experiences. Insights that will be gained from this latest report relating the long term effects of this devastation on survivors may continue to adaptable challenges for survivors of different, more recent genocides, each characterized by distinctive features.

The estimated one - third of Holocaust survivors in the US are living in poverty. They represent almost 100,000 Holocaust survivors presently experiencing poverty in the US, and according to The Blue Card, the non - profit organization that provides financial aid to the person population, one - third are living in or below the national guidelines for poverty. Survivors who relocated after the former Russian outbrake are in terrible business status, with small right pensions. This figure is in contrast to that ten percent of Americans at or over sixty five years who are currently living in poverty.

Lilian Black, chairman of the Holocaust Survivors Friendship Organization, and the daughter of the Holocaust survivor, called it alarming. She said “I’m so shocked. Google has the responsibility for its actions. It’s most like saying “we realize that these trains are going into Birkenau, but we’re not in charge of what’s happening in the point of it”. They make people’s thoughts and represent belittling thirds memory of people like my grandparents who were gassed”.

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The vastness and proportion of the horrors of the Holocaust is so extraordinary that attempting to present it accurately is virtually impossible and almost anything you do is unworthy. But this essay is one of many ways of interpreting the history of these Jewish people, by seeing it head on. I think storytelling aids to effect the destruction of our reality and help to make meaning of it. I also believe people should be able to get a sense of what it was like to live within the Holocaust and basically be like one of the prisoners of destruction. Maybe it would then help us to see our personal lives and freedoms given to us.

The Holocaust didn’t just come together in one night, Germany implemented this persecution in different stages. Adolf Hitler rising to force in 1933, the administration passed police to prohibit Jews from society, particularly the Nuremberg police in 1935. Beginning in ‘33, the Nazis constructed a system called “Concentration Camps”. In Germany, for political adversaries mostly Jewish people demand “unwanted”. After this invasion of Poland in ‘39, this government made up “ghettos” to divide Jews. 42,000 camps, ghettos, and different confinement sites were established to hold the “unwanted”.

The definition of Holocaust, according to dictionary.com is “A great or complete devastation or destruction, especially by fire.” The Holocaust, at what it means to people today, was the organized killing of 6 million Jews. In January 1933, a communist group, The Nazis, had power over Germany. They thought that these Germanic people were racially greater, and because of this they ran after Jews, Gypsies, handicapped people, homosexuals, and anyone else who didn’t fit in their homogeneous model of perfection. Before the Holocaust, the Jewish population in Europe at that particular time was at 9 million.

The Nazis, most specifically Adolf Hitler, wanted to take control of the world, and they used all available resources. They made many laws that restricted the rights of Jews. These laws were called “Aryan Code”. They Aryan Code stated that Jews could not be allowed to practice any religion other than Christianity. The Aryan Code also said that Jews could not be allowed to have a job or live in any way than by being Jewish. The Aryan Code also stated that the Jews were not allowed to have children. This meant Jews could not be allowed to marry anyone other than their own parents.

Families used to open up their personal houses and use it to hide people during the Holocaust were also they were opened to the world. The Amsterdam house where Anna Frank and her family hid for two years within German period of the Netherlands, opened up as a museum in 1960. In France this memorial museum for kids of Izieu was opened at the Maison D Izieu, the personal house where Sabina and Miron Zlatin hid more than 100 kids from the Nazis between May 1943 and April 1944. The house opened as the museum in 1988.

In conclusion, there was a communist group which were the Nazis, they invaded around Europe and anyone that wasn’t Adolf Hitlers “perfect” species he’d put you in a concentration camp or some kind of torture setting. The Holocaust was one of the worst times to ever happen. For it has hurt many people in the past, in the present, and the future yet to come.

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