History, Causes And Consequences Of The British American War Of 1812

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The war of 1812 had all started when the british had started to interfere with american trade which the U.S decided which was illegal by law. The French and The British were going to try and come up with or use a lot of strategy to try and beat the other, but soon in the beginning of the 1800’s that’s when Britain wanted to stop trade between France and the U.S, and the U.S ships wanted to continue the trading anyway despite Britain's authority, so the U.S eventually got to the point where they wanted to go to war with Britain because of the non-trading policy problem but then Britain started boarding U.S ships and taking any soldiers as they pleased because

Apparently they had believed that they lacked any kind of power in their troops so they took them illegally, but the U.S didn’t like this because they did not think that the imprisonment or slavery was really right or Independent. The war of 1812 has been referred to as a successful war for called a “Second war for independence” however I think that the war had nothing to achieve from either aspect

And only brought problems but why?... At first i was thinking that if our countries around the world would stop trying to argue with one another instead of trying to find a better solution then this war wouldn't have started in the first place. But why is this war so unnecessary? There are many reasons why but one of them includes, that none of the major people like the current presidents had no involvement in this war but one man named James Madison he was considered as weak compared to other presidents like Lincoin,Wilson, Roosevelt, but generals like Jackson, Brown, and Scott can’t even do anything about it and no-one had yet put an end to this war and declare victory.

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Another reason is that the causes were mysterious and vague so no-one really can’t really find out our have had a good theory on why this war was probably even came to be in the first place but no-body really thought of or probably but as most people believed it was because of the council in which american trade had gotten banned and started removing men from merchant ships in the U.S so really the war was started because of trading and merchants getting their rights. The U.S wanted to attack great Britain but the only way to make it truly known is by attacking someone else and that was Canada which then made it seem like they were fighting for property rights. The people of Britain and Canadians today will probably look back and find this odd and be very curious but nobody won’t put it past them if they ask the question “why” that happened.

When the U.S. Wanted war because of trade, Britain was worried about that war so they had tried to send a form of documentation or a note about it, but unfortunately it didn’t reach them fast enough so the news of this war was spreading rapidly in most states except some of them and that's when Napoleon Bonaparte wanted to try an anarchy to those people called monarchs. Because of this occurrence right now it had put many countries in deadly arguments like france and england, and these countries had

Both saw the U.S as a country that really wasn’t as big but a necessary asset to them and they wanted the U.S to stop trading with one another, but the U.S wanted to remain indecisive and had a little problem on their hands. So Jefferson had made something called the embargo act which did not let U.S ships pass through and that law was abolished in over half of a year.

The battle of New Orleans eventually came because the Treaty Of Ghent was taking too long to get to the U.S but John Quincy wanted to “Redeem Their Nation” as he wrote to his wife and could have avoided more fighting and less cost of money. More than 1,000’s of american soldiers came to fight the british and eventually they succeeded against the british in which Jackson could approve the treaty in which he was idolized, then President Madison was seen as a hero in a war that could have easily been one-sided and most likely avoided if he was more logical.

A brutal battle is what a person would describe the war of 1812 after it finally was over which just resulted in people's lives being taken place for a war that should have never even happened it basically ended in which people would describe as a confusing fight and let their emotions cloud their judgement because of ego and misunderstandings when they could’ve more time in making our countries stronger, but if anything it got weaker and the war only resulted in a draw which in the end only benefited the U.S. because they gained independence and they can act as more of a nation.

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