Healthcare Culture Of Seventh Day Adventist

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There are many kinds of culture throughout the world. A person working in the healthcare environment as nurse or doctor takes care of all kinds of people throughout their life. It is best for the healthcare professionals to have the quality of being well rounded on information about the cultures and religions. People of different religions, color, or beliefs all deserve to be treated according to their way of living and fairly. The main culture that is being focused on in the paper is Seventh Day Adventist.

Over 25 million people worship weekly in Seventh-day Adventist churches worldwide. They have congregation in more than 200 countries. In the United States there is a small percentage of people who are Seventh Day Adventist. The founders of the Seventh Day Adventist are Ellen White, James Springer White, Joseph Bates, and J. N. Andrews. The religion is focused on the Sabbath day and Christ’s second coming. They follow the 28 fundamentals. The 28 fundamentals include the doctrine of God, the doctrine of Humankind, the doctrine of Salvation, the doctrine of Church, the doctrine of Christian life, the doctrine of the Last Things.

The Adventist are very healthy individuals. They believe that the key to wellness is a life of balance and temperance. The average Adventist lives until the age of 88. Their life expectancy is ten years longer than Americans. More than likely this may be due to their vegetarian encouraged diet which means they do not eat meat. It is not mandatory for them not to eat meat, it is their choice. Some of them only eat clean meat like pork and shellfish. It is completely their decision. They believe meat is the worst thing you can put in your body after alcohol and tobacco. Adventists consume fruits, nuts, legume, vegetables, and an added source of B12. It is okay for them to consume dairy products, but it must be a moderate amount because of course we all know eggs and milk come from meats. The importance of the dairy products is to keep the cholesterol under control. Water is another big factor included in the diet. The founder of the Adventist Church believed that they should drink six to eight glasses of water daily. The water is to promote hydration and flushing the toxins from your body.

Adventists have a big healthcare environment surrounding them. They have the largest nonprofit, Protestant, multi-institutional healthcare system in the United States. It consists of 17 compassionate care hospitals in 130 countries. They don’t have communication barriers but believe in some of the same things we do. They have a couple of different views of things but in all entity, they do things just like us. They like to be given the truth always from the doctor about the severity, price, and degree of the diagnosis that they have. Adventist are all about healthy family relationship on making major health decisions. They wait for the medical advice then they conclude together. If the person is unable to make the decision because they cannot at the time the person close to them will come to a decision. Organ donations are permitted in the religion. Abortions are acceptable if they have medical condition like mother mortality, medical dilemmas, severe congenital defects to the fetus, or pregnancy from rape or incest.

Seventh Day Adventist doesn’t have barrier when receiving healthcare or their belief doesn’t impact communication with healthcare providers healthcare in America. It isn’t a barrier because Adventist have their own hospitals. The hospitals encourage people to have healthy lives and to provide the communities with resources that encourage a culture of wellness. They not only cater to the patient sickness they spread God’s care through the ministry of physical, mental and spiritual healing. They follow five value when caring for patients they are respect, integrity, stewardess , service and excellence.

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