Health Care Should Not Be A Human Right But A Privilege

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Although healthcare is the structure of our life, it should be earned not given. Some U.S citizens believe healthcare should be a basic human right for everyone nor rich or poor while others disagree with this tremendously for a variety of reasons that are all very controversial. Universal healthcare in America should not be a human right because it affects the economy as well as people's incentives, therefore citizens should know more about universal healthcare so they can support state and federal laws that prevent it. Barack Obama was the first person of importance to introduce the idea that “every American citizen should be guaranteed the right of free healthcare in 2008.” (Walter, 2008)

With open borders and people immigrating to california the U.S government should not be held accountable to pay for illegal immigrants healthcare though tax payers dollars although barack obama says, “healthcare is a right, like the right to leave and go elsewhere.”(Walter, 2008) If healthcare is being compared to the right of leaving and going elsewhere than in other words he is saying health care isn't guaranteed it's a privilege. Mr. Obama wasn't the only ex president that felt this way about healthcare. Before his time Ronald Regan said something similar “educational systems and medical care shall be available for everyone.” (Walter, 2008) I am sure these two men were well aware of the effects of free healthcare on the nation. It must have been a risk they were willing to take for the sake of our nation. This is an important issue today because if healthcare were to become a basic right for all it would impact our economy tremendously as well as the incentives of U.S citizens. Healthcare is a national problem but is at its worst in California due to such high population. As easy as it seems for the government to just give all U.S citizens free quality healthcare, there's more to it than just that “the sheer cost of providing quality universal healthcare is an extremely large expense for the federal government.” (Kimberly, 2019). In all reality us citizens are paying for other people's healthcare through taxes. So in order for this to happen the government will raise taxes to pay for these high expenses of free healthcare and they will continue to raise it as the population grows and more and more people require care.

When it comes to someone's care it should be earned not given “Just because our rights are secured by government, it does not follow that they must be provided by government.” (Gabriel, 2010) In other words it correct to have the right to food, but it is incorrect to have the right for it be given to you. Just like healthcare it is a right to have it, but it's not a right to be given to you by the government. “Just like in all other economic activities, the free market offers the best solution to provide the greatest access to health care and to control costs. (Mary, 2017). The government is giving the right to access and introduce U.S citizens to healthcare plans that fit their needs but this all comes with a cost. This is how it should be nothing should be free, it all should earned or nothing at all. “Universal health care also known as free health care is not actually free because the registered members must pay it using certain taxes.” (Eric, 2017). No matter what doctors and physicians still need to get paid therefore taxes will rise to even out those expenses. When this happens U.S citizens will be very upset due to taxes being high already. Although healthcare isn't a human right many people believe it should be. These sources only scratch the surface of detail on the effects of healthcare on our nation.

There are handfuls of reason why healthcare should not be a right but it isn't all bad, there are some benefits that come with tremendous prices that the federal government aren't willing to pay.“ The main advantage of free universal healthcare is that it gives people that can’t afford healthcare services they need.” (Kimberly, 2019). As bad as it may seem there is another side to the story. Not everything is bad about free healthcare there are some benefits to this but many people don't feel like it is worth the long term effects. “In the United States, an insurance company may stipulate that they approve of services before they are given to a patient.” (Britain, 2016). This means doctors can no longer take advantage of insurance companies by requiring unnecessary procedures that cost large amounts of money. They rquire everything to be looked at and approved before anything else is done. “When children are able to get the care they require for good health, it builds a foundation for future success.” (Gillian, 2019). Children who have access to health, education, and care resources are less likely to get involved with crime because they are educated. So in other words free healthcare is good for young children to get the help they need in order to stay out of trouble. Research shows that free healthcare is necessary in the United States because it gives all citizens quality care they need in order to survive.

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Any system invites abuse, and the “universal health care system is no exception. Often, citizens of countries with universal health care will 'milk' the system.” (Kimberly, 2019).

People will claim to live in different countries and don't pay taxes only return home in the time they need care or to see a doctor. This is a major problem that cannot happen because it is very unfair to those who pay taxes. Because there is such a drive to keep costs down “innovation can fall behind in a universal system of health care compared to a free-market system.” (Walter, 2008). This explains that pretty much U.S citizens are paying for healthcare they aren't even receiving themselves. Therefore they are paying for someone else's care which is unfair because they earn their care. Some studies show that “As doctors begin to realize that their incomes are being reduced, and their day-to-day operations are being closely monitored and controlled” (Gabriel, 2010). In other words when doctors find out that their wages are being decreased there not gonna work anymore. Without surgeons and doctors there is no quality care for anyone and nobody wants that.

As a U.S citizen effort towards making the situation better is very miniscule. A survey was taken and it was recorded that 60 percent of people thought healthcare should not be a right while 40 percent of people said it shouldn't. For a start citizens need to educate the ones who disagree with the topic and educate them in the disadvantaged free health care brings. (Vincent, 2019) If there isn't anything you can really do to effectively stop universal healthcare. Than the best thing to do is to educate people on the downsides of it in hopes of changing someone's opinion. Supporters also need to first understand fully what our opinion in titles “First, do we consider healthcare to be a right of all people, or a commodity made available based on income and wealth?” (Jonthan, 2016). It is important before we go around trying to persuade people into changing their opinions, we need to fully understand the topic and know facts and what it really is. The term universal healthcare is looked at as more than just healthcare, it has the power to change the world and society entirely. One author says “we should fight to pass legislation which enables people in every state to select a public option, similar to Medicare, at affordable rates.” (Elizabeth, 2007). This will give attention on all insurance companies that is not wanted by them it also will create competition with high costing insurance companies. All in hopes of deining people who cannot pay the very expensive insurance rates.

There still is hope to figure out a more fair and equal alternatives. “We can propose a universal coverage program called the Informed Consumer Choice (ICC), designed to accomplish all goals simultaneously.” (Elizabeth, 2007). All in hopes To assure quality coverage, the ICC will set standards on benefits and financial protection and ensure qualified coverage will be made so affordable. This is what is needed to prevent all these problems with our economy and our nation. It is fair and probanble. But this system isn't perfect “However, these measures alone would simply redistribute the cost burden from those who can’t afford adequate coverage and share it with those who can afford it.” (Gillian, 2018). Because the objective is to improve national health it requires that all Americans have quality coverage, spreading the cost burden fairly is certainly necessary. This is what people need to be arguing over because it is the only way for things to work out properly. On the other hand, if this is done correctly than, “universal coverage appears to be the best, perhaps only, policy tool with the leverage to properly reverse the incentives system wide.” (Mary, 2013). In reality this is likely never happen but it practiced and the idea is presented. This is the best way to have universal healthcare without all the problems it comes with.

The issue of healthcare becoming free as well as being a basic human right for all U.S citizens is that healthcare is not cheap. It will cost millions of dollars to guarantee everyone even the lowest forms of care therefore devastating our economy and leading to debt. This is a national problem that applies to everyone because everyone gets sick and hurt therefore everyone needs some type of care. In response to good research the reader should be educated and informed on the writer's opinion on the topic. There is not much one can do to change anything, but at the very least someone can do is educate citizens about the consequences of free healthcare and its effects on our nation's economy and our government. All in hopes of changing someone's opinion on it.

After all that was said healthcare still should not be a basic right for all for many reasons listed above. Although free universal healthcare has some benefits like leaving no one without aid and care and releasing tension on rules and regulations on healthcare policies. They all have negative long term effects on our nation and our economy and even people incentives. With all that being said healthcare should not become a basic right for anyone because it will cause too many problems and will not be worth it for the federal government inevitably causing them to go into even more debt than they are in right now. 

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