Grit Does the Same Thing Being a Compass

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I began to be curious what really Grit means how it can be used, where and how it influences my life if I need to develop if I need to use it. There are a lot of questions that I need to answer them and discover more about it. I also get a referral to read this book from my colleagues that is interesting and worth reading it.

Grit is about holding the same goal for a very long time. The goal,the end is like starting with the end in mind, is a compass that gives direction and meaning to all the goals below it. The model of grit have four psychological assets which are interest,practice,purpose,hope. Gritty people do more practice and experience they tend to learn more by experience and are ready to take action. Regarding the model of the grit when you have to sacrifice and work a lot at the end all of that are paying off, because you feel it like is whort it. The critical gritty- decisions we make are a matter of identity that define us and make us to be aware of yourself.

The book is the result of a lot of study made by Angela who studied a lot of successful people from different domains in order to see why successful people achieved so much in their lives.The way she put these ideas on paper are cachi for the readers and feel that as an easy concept that can be applied easily in our daily life What I like about it is that she offers the mathematical formula of professional success and that is Talent × Hard Work = Skill/Skill × Hard Work = Achievement.

A thing that I like it is that Grit can be learned and is true that some people can be more grittier than others for one of the is genethics for others is the way they were raised. She gives us an expel that are days when you don’t want to do something but you keep doing it, I found myself remembering of my sky training that were days when I didn’t want to go it is sensed to hard to continue to do it but I kept going and every training I got to learn something new or just to be better I felt it like the concept of resilience and this is how she explained grit. 

That grit is when you have a goal that takes a long period and hard work in order to achieve it and you will have days when you are tired and don’t want to do a thing but you put yourself together and made that thing work this is how you learn to get grittier. What it is important too is Passion a person who wants to achieve great things has to be willing to focus on a goal over an extended period of time. 

That thing only happens when the goal is something in which that person is deeply interested and cares about it.Another thing that I find it useful is that talent is not the secret to success and gaining awards and winning competition is not coming from talent ,that all of this come from the hard work for the ones who practiced over and over again'I'd been distracted by talent,' Angela admits it that it can be easy to be tricked by talent. ' Talent is indeed an important factor in success, but not a decisive factor. The talent must be supplemented by a lot of work in order to be used. However, if you add talent to work, you will gain skill. But if you add hard work to the skill, you will obtain achievement.”

I find this book similar with Gettings Things Done By David Allen, Dialogue and Never Split the Difference makes you to separate everything in stages . All these books made you to think about yourself to auto-evaluate the status that you have, what is the next step, how I start, it is answering you to the question ‘’ I don't know what to do ?’’. I felt that Grit does the same thing being a compass for you that you can use it in general to guide you in you journey to success.

Dialogue and Never Split the Difference are created for something specific but has the same way of telling you the simple steps that you need in order to develop. From my point of view all these books help you to develop ,to grow explaining it logical and chronological I think that is the reason why they are catchy while reading it I felt that I can take a piece of paper to write on it, to put all the steps that I need to make in order to obtain what I want and create my personal strategy .

What I find it hard to do regarding this learnings when you want to apply in your day to day life is what you do when you don’t know what you want to achieve, when you don’t feel motivated when you don’t find anything to like and the old tricks that used to work before are not working anymore. In the last period of time I keep feeling that and this book gives a little light to me but I didn’t feel that is enough.Yes, it tells me what I need to do in order to achieve a goal but I don’t feel that I have a goal anymore. I think that here the book is contradicting, you feel like you find the magic solution to all your problems but you don’t get how to get that it suggest to keep experiencing till you find The Goal but I don’t find it useful in this part.

I find useful things in the book, it answers to all my questions from the beginning regarding what girt means how it can be used, where and how it influences my life if I need to develop if I need to use it and my answer to this questions is that grit is the art of not giving up, to be resilient, to work hard for what you want to get, regarding the use of it is for all your life .I discover that Iam a gritty person because of the way I was raised and I can be more gritier but I don’t want to regarding using it I do it for a long period of time and I will keep doing it . More than I proposed to myself in the beginning is that I find learnings about how to achieve success, but know thinking about what the book offers to I feel that are things left and I have new questions,it seems that I will not find responses here.

In my opinion, is a book that is worth reading it but only when you don’t know how to get to what you want it gives a list with all you need to do, it gives you example to figure it out where you are, it explains what grit is how to develop and how to see if you already have it it is like a science book which presents the problem, explain it than give you a possible solution that you can use .I didn’t feel it influenced my life just that I have more knowledge in this subject and I understand what the secret is regarding success but I observed that already through my life and others example from others life experiences.

In conclusion, is a good book that has a good structure easy to understand for everybody that explains what grit is and address all the aspects of grit, even for parents that I think that last year I would find it more interesting than this year, it gives you plenty of examples and denis some myths for example the one about talent .  

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