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A Letter to Marinetti, the Founder of the Futurist Movement

Dear Marinetti, If only you were alive to see the world we live in today! Your futurism movement is still a great influence for some. However, today, when we talk about futurism, we are not usually talking about painting, sculpture, or poetry. Futurism today is...

The Role Of Manifesto Format In Historical Avant-Gardes

In this essay I am going to use expressionist group, Die Brücke, the Dada movement and futurism to make my argument, which is, the manifestos created by historical avant-gardes should be viewed not as politic texts but as an introduction to the group’s aesthetic and...

Analysis Of Futurism Movement And Its Use In Different Forms Of Media

This art movement started around 1909 in Italy, it was quite a strange movement for its time as it heavily rejected the traditional forms of art that were primarily done around this time. The leading artist that launched this trend into the norm was Filippo...

The Concept Of An Imagined World In The Games Animation And VFX Industries

To better our understanding of an imagined world we have been asked to conduct a detailed investigation into an artist or an artistic movement that has used its own unique style for an imagined world and examine how this could be translated into a Games,...

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