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Definitions and Examples of Fallacy of Accent and Fallacy of Exclusion

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Fallacy is error in reasoning. It is a type of argument that seems to be correct but contains a mistake in reasoning.[footnoteRef:2] According to Collins English Dictionary, fallacy is an idea which many people believe to be true, but which is, in fact, false because...

The Fallacy Of Human Nature By Mengzi's Point Of View

Even though all basic human freedoms for African Americans were denied during the late part of the 1900’s in the American South, how were white Southerners not able to see how lynching was morally wrong? In the following paragraphs, I will use and defend Mengzi’s...

The Concept of Epistemological Fallacy

Individuals appear to get rid of traditional communal context as status-based class and gender differentials society, however, instead of being ‘disembedded’ from a traditional one, young people in late modernity are actually re-embedded into a new pattern of establishing adult identities with individual reflexivity (France...

The No True Scotsman Fallacy Examples

We have all been through fallacious arguments, either as subjective makers of those arguments or as passive receivers. Many of us do not even realize such fallacies that we make in our daily lives but bound to think what we have said is valid. Results?...

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