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Satire in the Works of Johnathan Swift

Johnathon Swift was a man with quite a bit to say. And he believed that for anyone to listen to him they would need to be either shocked or entertained. In his two satirical works, “Gulliver’s Travels” and “A Modest Proposal”, Swift takes two different...

Candide': Optimistic Story About the Journey of a German Man

The satire Candide, a slightly humorous, overly optimistic story about the journey of a German man, was written by Voltaire, a renowned philosopher and author of literature who subtly critiques society and government. Candide was published in January of 1759 and translated by William F....

London Poem as an Imitation of Juvenal's Third Satire

‘London’ was anonymously published in 1748. This poem, written in 263 lines, was Johnson’s first major published work. It follows the eighteenth century Neo – classical tradition and is an imitation of Juvenal’s Third Satire. Juvenal’s Third Satire uses a narrator’s voice to describe Umbricius’s...

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