Exploration Of Buddhism And Hinduism: Similarities And Differences

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Nearly, all people chose at least one religion which is suitable for their thoughts and believes. Due to that fact, people of the same religion come together usually. For instance, there are islamic countries in one community which is called Muslim countries or Ummah. Moreover, religion provides relationship between human and God. The main goal of religion is developing human consideration and stabilizing their manner. Another significance of religion is to show human which way is the right way for them. For example, most of religions propound human to act respectful, tranquil, and courteous to the other religions. Moreover, it entails human to avoid bad behavior such as, hate, revenge, impatience and so on. Although religion was less than today’s history, people believed and prayed for that. Due to history of religion, we can give example as Hinduism and Buddhism.

The one of the having large majority and primordial religion is Hinduism. Hinduism was established and extended South Asia approximately in 1500 before our century. According to researches (https://www.history.com/topics/religion/hinduism), some people not to hold with Hinduism because of having many Gods. There are more than 330 million Gods in Hinduism. However, other people believe that religion even it has many Gods. People who are confident with Hinduism, pray mostly Brahman. Brahman is composed of three Gods such as, Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. Hinduism has main book as all religions have which called Vedas adds up to “science”. Vedas are different from other religions’ books. For example, Koran makes people understand what Islam is and how Muslims should behave. However, Vedas not only includes such kind of things, but also includes yoga and meditation. Moreover, they believe that their Gods’ soul is in some sculpture that similar with the figure of the humans. Most of Hinduist, spend their time to take care of their Gods. For example, if you travel India, you can see a lot of people who are washing, praying to the sculptures.

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Buddhism believes are nearly similar with Hinduism believes. Buddhism was established in Northern India approximately six centuries before our centuries. Buddhism one of important religion that makes contact between human and their social community. Buddhism was established by Siddhartha Guatama. Siddhartha Guatama was born in devoted family, in approximately 550 centuries before our centuries. Many Buddhists believe that Sidhartha Guatama was a God. Also, some of them prayed to him. According to researches (https://www.history.com/topics/religion/buddhism), Guatama never called himself as God. He called himself as director who directs person to the right way. After his death, Buddhism was spread by his “students”, then Buddhism was composed by two distinct ways, one of them was Hinaya, the other one was Mahayana. First one is mostly composed by old people and they are protective to believes and thoughts. Mahayana is also protective community, but they are less protective than Hinaya community. Moreover, Mahayana community believes that their denominations create assistance for a lot of humans. Due to fact that, Buddhism was spread as East religious, but it is perceived West nearly 15-20 centuries.

As we mentioned, Hinduism and Buddhism have some similarities. Firstly, you should consider in karma and rebirth to understand similarities. Despite fact that, karma has the power to control and give constant shape to human beings’ life. Hinduists believe that, karma is a key of the future. For instance, what we had in our life in the previous time, it also relates with our future. If we did good thing, we get good consequences. Due to fact that, there are two kinds of karma such as, good and bad. Good karma means that as we mentioned before; if you did good things you will get good consequences. Bad karma is opposite sides of good karma which means that if you did bad things, you will get bad consequences. All these thoughts are the same with Buddhism. Moreover, Buddhists think that human beings are accountable for their welfare and infelicity. For instance, yoga and meditation help people to relax and also, to rich the place where is feeling full of happiness. In my opinion, karma is the best way to live in peace without any bad behavior and actions. The second similarity is believing rebirth. Both of Hinduist and Buddhist believe rebirth which is similar with reincarnation. Rebirth believes the life existence after death. According to the research (https://www.history.com/topics/religion/buddhism), after death of life the person will not be the previous person, even he or she will not remember anything about his or her life.

However, there are some difference between these two religions. Initially, for Hinduist, one person can be upper level to another one. However, this ideology is wrong for Buddhist. Because, for Buddhist all human beings are equal and have the similar opportunities. Moreover, it is the biggest dream to be near the Brahma for all Hinduist. Nevertheless, Guamata who is creator of Buddhism did not differ people by their power, money or such kind of things. We can see his generosity when he reduced to call him as a God. Furthermore, he did not put himself to the upper level from other people. Finally, Buddhists do not have a God. They did such yoga, meditation to feel themselves in peace. For example, if you are Muslim you can also be as Buddhist with doing yoga, meditation or such things that relates with Buddhism. It is not forbidden that you should chose only one religion. Nevertheless, if you choose Hinduism, you cannot choose another religion at the same time. Because, each of rules is different. For example, Muslims believe only one God who is called by creator or Allah. However, as we mentioned there are a lot of Gods in Hinduism.

In conclusion, both of religions have resemblances, such as establishing nearly in the same area, having both karma and rebirth. Nevertheless, both have difference such as, establishing way, influence of people’s behavior. In my point of view, each of people is free to choose religion for themselves. If I were a person that choose religion between Buddhism and Hinduism, I would prefer to Buddhism. Because, you feel comfortable and in peace with doing meditation and yoga. Also, everyone is equal there. I would not prefer Hinduism because of not equality and believing to many Gods.         

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