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An essay is known as a type of prose written text in which an author exposes, analyzes and examines, with various arguments, a specific topic, with the purpose of establishing a position on it, following his own argumentative style. In this sense, the essay is characterized by being a proposal for reflection, analysis and evaluation that is structured in a classical way with an introduction, a development and a conclusion. Now I would like to explain the main parts of an essay. 

The first part is the argument, once a main idea and a position regarding it is raised, the author of an essay must make a series of arguments that reinforce his position. The arguments cannot deviate from the main idea. This should be preceded by secondary ideas that also add to the main body of the text. Then show, once an idea and position has been raised, every effort should be made to state that such a position is verifiable or considerable and, therefore, can be considered a truth. 

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Here comes the importance of the demonstration in the essay. Being a content of some depth, both the author and the reader should not underestimate each other. Then persuade, persuasion in the essay is the ability to seduce the reader and influence their personal and social beliefs and opinions about an issue. Next is expose a way of thinking. The function of an essay is also to expose a way of thinking so that it can be understood in the best way, or even adopted, presenting its contents in a particular way. 

Then versatile content management, the essay allows versatility of content and presentation. There may be different versions of the same topic that allow the reader to approach according to their own abilities. Then last but not least, potential and scope, the exposition of ideas regarding phenomena and scenarios whose consequences are repeated in different societies also demonstrates the scope of an essay, and its intention to serve as an instrument of reaction or change. 

The essay then functions as a text with literary, descriptive, and reflective qualities.  Now I want to talk a little bit of the parts of an essay. The first part is the introduction, this first part should show not only the topic, but also your position on it, your opinion. This will be the best way to empathize with your audience. Next is the body development, the development of the body will be the most extensive part of the essay, it represents 80% of the essay, so it will be necessary to summarize all the relevant information that we want to present. 

Not because it is extensive it must be heavy, we have to try to liven it up as much as possible. Then finally the conclusion, the conclusion will be the final part of your essay that will serve to reinforce the idea stated above.In this part, the most relevant exposed arguments will be summarized on the one hand and, on the other, let us make our final position totally clear.The conclusion should be short and concise. It is the part in which you will reaffirm yourself of everything said. 

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