Drug Trafficking Problems Between Mexico and the USA and the Ways of Their Solution

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Drug Trafficking is a problem in the criminal justice system. All the drugs are smuggled to get in the U.S and the big problem is how are they getting in the U.S. Plenty of drugs from different countries get in the U.S. There's plenty of reasons for how the drugs are getting here. Most of the drugs come from Mexico and some would usually just cross the border.

Some Cocaine comes from South America and it would arrive in boat meaning it will still have to sail to Mexico and come to the U.S. Mainly marijuana comes from Mexico and 8.2 million lbs has been coming to the U.S illegally. Even though in some states marijuana is legal but in the criminal justice system it is still considered a drug. 32,600 Lbs of Cocaine also come through the border and it has regularly come in and out of Mexico and no one seems to be doing anything. Heroin has also been one of the largest shipments but the biggest one is marijuana. It shouldn't just be solved saying building the wall for drugs to come into the U.S because with a wall or without a wall there's going to be drugs in this country.

My point of view of Drug Trafficking is how drugs come in this country and why people need them. Even though in some countries marijuana is not considered a drug it's mostly considered a gateway drug. Marijuana is still a drug and it could also be addictive as heroin and cocaine. Drug Trafficking in Mexico happens every day and every minute. Mexico is a serious Narco state there's plenty of things happening in Mexico every day and most of the biggest problems in Mexico is drug trafficking.
In Mexico, they make the drugs and they also receive the drugs so they can ship it to the U.S. The three main drugs that are known that are made in Mexico is Marijuana, Cocaine, and Heroin. They are made in Mexico and they are the three most popular drugs that they are trafficking. It cost trillions of dollars to be made and it also costs money to get it sent.

“Although drug trafficking activities worsen the government and development challenges for incipient and developing narco-state, states from the middle to the highest portion of the narco-state index face significantly deeper issues and radiate more security issues regionally and globally” Rowman 2019. In Mexico there's is not much protection and even the government is bought by the narcos,which the government would protect the narcos to move their drugs in Mexico so that the United States could receive it. Mexico is an unprotected state there's a lot going on in Mexico and it isn’t safe. In Mexico, there's plenty of violence going on because there's a lot of drugs going around and that's something that should be taken care of.

Illegal drugs economy are bond together to such degree that disaggregating them would damage the nation's overall economic health. Healthwise when it comes to Mexico isn't very well no one in Mexico has health care. Mexico is one of the primary states that is a narco-state because there's plenty of drugs coming in and out of Mexico and it's being shipped all over the world, especially the U.S. In the book Drug Trafficking International Security they talked about Mexico how its a hybrid country meaning they are the one that source transshipment and demand the country to transport it.

Mexico traffic drugs to the U.S and it could cost about 18 million and 39 million annually. It regularly cost that much so it could be shipped here and then they would profit it more they could at least get more money out of it. The Narcos make more money and they would make more money by profiting the drug. Lately, its been getting hard to send drugs to the U.S because there's more protection and more police officers out there.

“Only five percent of the crimes in Mexico are solved and most of the crimes that are not solved they just forget about it or just write a report”. In Mexico, there's plenty of crimes and most of the crimes come from the narcos and the drug trafficking. Most of the time they just a fight to see who could drug traffic more drugs to other countries. There's plenty of violence in Mexico and the police or the government has done anything about it, it should be fixed and Mexico should have better laws and should stop the violence that's happening in Mexico. “Since 2006, nearly one hundred thousand Mexicans have been victims of drug-related homicides and approximately twelve thousand have disappeared”.

Most of the people that usually disappear when it comes to drug its meaning that some have died because of it. This case was solved and they never found the people that disappeared with drugs even though it was a lot of people missing the police didn't do anything about it. Drug Trafficking has been very common in Mexico especially. Mexican have been relying on the Mexican government to help them ship their drugs.

The Mexican has been also very sneaky when it comes to shipping their drugs. They would hide the drugs inside fruit or even vegetables, beds, anything you could think of they will find a way to get the drugs to come to the U.S. In Mexico it would be a little bit easier if they had a better government that could just stick to his laws and not be afraid about the narcos. If the government was a little stronger and not afraid of the narcos, so they could stop drug trafficking so there won't be that much violence in the country. If there's more violence there's more likely that the police or the government won't really care.

Drug traffickers and smugglers seek to evade detection by enforcement agencies and their completion drugs often transported via indirect and circuitous routes. Often for them not to get caught, they would usually go to the small/weakest countries that have the lowest enforcement. They usually do that so they usually don't have a problem with the enforcement so they don't get caught. Latin America drug cartels in eleven of sixteen countries in the region and a substantial increase in drug seizures emanating from them. While trafficking drugs to Mexico they receive cocaine and heroin because in Mexico they grow marijuana because the weather is supposedly easier to grow and opium is also another plant that they usually grow because of the weather.

“For example, Mexico is a source country for heroin, marijuana, and meth as well as transshipment country for Andean cocaine and heroin”. In the United States, a serious narco-state has caused a lot of Homeland Security challenges. Homeland Security is a very tough job because you would have to keep an eye of everything especially when it comes to drugs. Why is that because drug trafficking happens a lot in these especially coming from Mexico a lot of Homeland Security keep an eye out for that especially.

In the election of 2012 Mexican voters returned to power the political party that had long term running ties with drug trafficking. There was a lot of power of the drug traffickers and most of them were running for election. Most of Mexico had to vote and if they didn't vote the narcos would find the people that didn't vote and would bribe with money or any item.

In Mexico, there's plenty of crimes and people die every day and the reason why people die every day is that there's plenty of drugs going around. There's plenty of bribery going around in every country but especially Mexico. The government is controlled by the Narcos that have plenty of power and they could easily just give the government more money. In Mexico, the government was under a lot of pressure coming from the cartels because the cartels would want the government to help them pass their drugs all over the world and especially to the United States.

The U.S Department of State more than 80% of the marijuana comes from Central American meaning Mexico will be the hybrid meaning they are most like to plant it and sell it over to the other countries and somehow get its way to come to the United States of America. Drugs are a really big problem in the U.S because a lot of people die from it and somehow people get very addicted to and it could also cause different problems. Marijuana is an illegal drug its not legal in most of the U.S but half of the U.S doesn't want to make it legal and there are pros and cons. There's a large number of drug gangs that operate through the country of Mexico and also work with foreign country for there drugs plus they made Mexico one of the highest murder rate in 2014. Plenty of crimes and people go missing every day and its because the drug rate is so high and the government is so invested in removing drugs out of the country and try to clean it out and make it safe for everyone.

The person that I interview his name is Jose Mendoza. Jose Mendoza is a young man from Mexico. Jose Mendoza started to sell marijuana and join the cartel when he was thirteen. When he was thirteen he started to have a lot of problems with family and money problem. Jose Mendoza was five when he discovered the narcos and the only reason how he found it is because where he's from in Mexico his family didn't have enough money and his father who passed away. Jose father worked on the farm of the narcos picking up marijuana crops.

While having a hard time that his family didn't have enough money Jose tried his best like any child helping and trying to bring money to his house. He would always wash the narcos car and the narcos most of the time gave him money for washing their car. Until he was thirteen the narcos asked him if he ever wanted to make more money and will it be easy and obviously, he agreed to join because he needed money as quick as possible. Most of the time he needed money for his house and his mom because his father had passed away and he was clearly the man of the house so he had to find the money somewhere.

Jose had to sell marijuana and make a profit out of it because his boss(narcos) would want more money. He would mainly be around Mexico or he would drug traffic the drugs around South American he would find a way to take the drugs to South America. It was much more difficult for him to travel with kilos of marijuana with him sometimes he would just go with a boat to any part of South America or sometimes he would fly over there but flying was a little bit more difficult because you would have to pass TSA. For Jose everything seemed so easy for him he had the lifestyle that he always wanted a big house and he had no problem except getting caught but he did get caught he would rely on his boss.

At the time Jose wasn't really thinking and he was just thinking about money and a better lifestyle then he had. Jose wanted a rich lifestyle like narcos. Jose traveled all over just to drug traffic drugs even though it was his job. When he first drug trafficked he started little but when his boss saw that he was doing an amazing job they started to give him more and more. He enjoyed what he was doing but when he was drug trafficking he was very sneaky or he thought he was.

Jose didn't stop drug trafficking until he got caught drug trafficking to the U.S. He's been to the U.S drug trafficking before but he was being followed by officers. Jose has been to the U.S three times doing the same thing and all those three times he was drug trafficking and when he would drop off the drugs he would stay there for a couple of days and then the next month he would do the same thing. Jose kept doing this until he got caught. When he got caught I reached out because he was helping narcos bring in drugs into the U.S. Jose had a choice to see if he wanted to do something better with his life but he chose to drug traffic drugs because it was the easy way out and it was better money than anything else.

Jose had to do a sentence in Texas and then he got deported to Mexico because he was illegal and only had a visa to come to the U.S that the Narcos that got him. When he got sent back to Mexico he did the same thing the narcos helped Jose have a lower sentence even though he paid them back just so he could work back with them. Jose couldn't leave the job because he was paying them back and really enjoyed the job and traveling.

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When Jose was arrested they asked him a lot of questions and he kept answering all the questions because he didn't know about his amendment. Most of the people in the United States don't really know there amendment and its really important for everyone know there amendment.

Drug trafficking is still a problem in the U.S. There's a bunch of drug smugglers doing their job and they have no other choice to smuggle marijuana. Even though marijuana is legal in many states Mexico produces the drugs. In the interview with Jose, he decides to become a drug trafficker it was his decision because he had a hard childhood and he wanted to make money the easy way and the only easy way to make money was to sell drugs in Mexico and become bigger.

90% of the drug traffickers in the United States get caught easily because they get scam. Drug trafficking from Mexico to the United States is really tricky most of the time they have police dogs in the airport and the police dog would smell every drug they are drug trafficking, especially cocaine. Cocaine comes from Mexico and everything and the Mexican send there drugs to the Americans. They send it to the U.S because people in the U.S are more likely to buy the drugs here because cocaine isn't cheap it's really expensive.

The definition of drug trafficking is a global black market to distribute drugs to other countries and be transported to where you are located. Drug trafficking is a problem everywhere in any country because most people are trying to stop drugs coming in. Especially the U.S, the U.S is trying for drugs to stop coming in this country but there's no possible way how the drugs are going to stop because there are drugs everywhere in any country.

Cocaine is the main drug that comes from Mexico and it could go up really high and when it comes to the U.S it come to be more expensive because the way is getting smuggled in the U.S. Bringing drugs from any country isn't something common people do it's a hassle trafficking drugs from a different country to the country you originally came from.

93 percent of cocaine comes from Mexico and South America and when it does arrive from South America they can transport it to Mexico and Mexico could make a profit out of it and try to make more money out of it. I did some research on the website of the FBI and they were explaining how in Mexico (El Paso) is where most of the drugs get smuggled because it's closer to the border.

There's plenty of security but somehow they sneak it through. The way they sneak it through it was mostly by the food and back then they would sneak it through the border by driving and some days there was no dogs but now for security reasons they have plenty of police dogs.

Mexico economy isn't great and neither is their security even though the U.S is next door to Mexico. The U.S to Mexico is very protective because they have people everywhere and they check everything according to the FBI website. Its history repeating itself because drug trafficking in Mexico has happened so many times and all those times no one could stop it. In Mexico, there's plenty of violence and some of the violence that Mexico has it mostly because of the drugs that they traffic. Most of the battles of Mexico is because of the drugs coming from the U.S or who bring the drugs from South America to Mexico and then Mexico has to transport it to the U.S.
In Mexico, there should be more protection when it comes to drug trafficking. We should try to stop the drugs from coming in and out of Mexico because there's plenty of violence happening when it comes to the drugs from Mexico and everything is usually wrong and everything they do is solve with killing and that's not how you solve something.

In Mexico, there's plenty of drugs coming in from Mexico and coming out of Mexico. Mexico is the state that produces the drugs and they also send it all over the world every country we could ever imagine. Marijuana is a big one in Mexico because for marijuana to grow it has to be where there is hot weather and it barely has to rain so Mexico is perfect for that. In Mexico, marijuana is illegal to grow and to use it even though they produce marijuana to make money and to sell it to illegal/legal states. In California marijuana is legal to grow and sell it and even to use it.

When I was in California I would ask people how do they do it over here and how does it get over here. Some would say that they grow it in there house or they would just buy it at a dispensary. I never heard of those things I would tell them because in New Jersey marijuana is illegal. I asked a question to a mystery woman and she told me it mostly comes from Mexico. She even said they could even grow it in there backyard but it would take some time and it's all depending on the weather. She even told me the rules when it comes to using marijuana in California.

The laws to use or buy marijuana in California is you have to be 21 years old or older to purchase marijuana in the dispensary. You may possess 28.5 grams of plant base and you may have 8 grams of cannabis. It ILLEGAL to sell marijuana in the streets to minor and if you buy the marijuana in a dispensary you can’t resell it because it will be fine. It is illegal to consume while your driving because it's just like driving drunk and if you do consume it while driving you could get a fine or even jail time. It's illegal if you consume the product in public meaning public school recreation parks and hospital you could only do it in your house or outside your house or even walk by your neighborhood. Also, it is not allowed to smoke by the bar or a restaurant you have to smoke it or eat 15 feet apart from the place that you are entering. There's plenty of rules of using marijuana and if you don't follow these rules you could even get a 100 or up to 250 dollars fine.

The history of drug trafficking first started in Mexico. The person who first started to drug trafficking was Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo(El Padrino, The GodFather). Miguel Angel Felix was the first founder of the cartel and found the Guadalajara Cartel in 1980 and he was a pro trafficking drugs from Mexico to the United States. From 1980 the president of Mexico added a law saying that marijuana drugs should stop from coming from Mexico because there's plenty of violence in Mexico and most of the violence is coming from drugs.

“By the 1930s the United States had created the Federal Bureau of Narcotics passed the laws that taxed the sale of marijuana”.In Mexico marijuana smoking was legal but they sent there pot up north so they could have more business and start making drug trafficking a thing. Drug trafficking first started with marijuana and then it started to methamphetamine and cocaine. Even though methamphetamine started in Mexico that was illegal and then cocaine is also very illegal. The only drug that wasn't illegal was marijuana in Mexico and no one actually said anything the officers would say something if it was “a serious drug”. Even though marijuana is very serious in some states and if you ever get caught doing it you will have serious consequences. Marijuana has been here for many years and it's a drug that people say they calm you but some believe is addicted. I believe marijuana is an addictive drug the way I see marijuana is a gateway drug and it could cause a lot of harm.

Excellent Illegal drugs cost Americans 181 billions of dollars because the U.S was paying for it even though Mexico got all the money and half of that money could have gone to health care because most of the people that live in the U.S don't have health care. 330,00 have been arrested for drug trafficking and are doing time in the U.S prisons and most of them have been there since 2012 serving time and when they do serve time they will be sent back to where they are from. Most of 50% will continue to keep drug trafficking because one its easy money. 47.9 were Hispanics trafficking drugs,26.7 were black drug trafficking and 22.3 were white and 3.1 percent were other races.

Most of the people that drug traffic has a huge money problem. In other countries, people don't have enough money to survive and the only way to find quick money would be the illegal way one would be stealing or drug trafficking or even start selling drugs on the streets. With selling drugs or drug trafficking money could make you a lot of money but it's risky because if you get caught there are consequences for all of that.

90 percent of the drugs come from Mexico and most of the drugs that come in and out are heroin. The rest of the drugs will be basically marijuana. There are about a hundred and seventy tunnels going from Mexico to Arizona to California. The tunnels have been there since nineteen-seventy-three. Most of the tunnels are used to drug traffic drugs and the drug traffickers would be carrying carts of drugs and most of the drugs that are there are marijuana and cocaine. In 2017 the DEA Dallas personal sized 15 kilograms of marijuana being smuggled into the U.S from Mexico. In the United, the DEA has been really on top of drug trafficking because of its a real problem in this country.

Most people that smuggle drugs in the United States from Mexico have plenty of problems going on. The easy way to smuggle drugs from Mexico to the United States is that most of them would combine it with food. Some of them would just open jars of food and try to seal it. Sometimes they even go through the border and just smuggle it through the car. Smuggling drugs in this country has been one giant problem in this country because drug trafficking has been a problem in this country. Drug trafficking has been happening ever since 1973 in this country.

In 2013 there were helicopters (USA) flying around the border and they saw that the drug traffickers had a whole farm of marijuana just growing from the ground. They had people pick out the weed and see which one is better. When the U.S saw that they were growing marijuana from the floor they decide to burn all of that one night. The U.S did burn it all down that there was plenty of smoke. In 2013 before Trump was president he talked about how the Mexicans are a problem in this country because of the drugs coming to the U.S.

The problem isn't the Mexicans because they bring in drugs to the country that actually buy the drugs. Most of the drugs that come from over there most of the people that buy it in the U.S are making the Mexican money just for buying drugs. Most of the drugs that come to Mexico travel to the U.S and they even get smuggled to the prisons. Most of the drug trafficking drug travels to other states and it makes it more simple for them because the hard part is for it be here in the U.S.

When it arrives in the U.S it easier than drug trafficking from Mexico because when it travels from Mexico it is more difficult and it is most likely to be getting caught. When arriving at the U.S the drug traffickers most of the time they have to give the drugs to someone else that is going to drug traffic the drugs somewhere else. When drug trafficking the drugs they are more at risk because depending on how much drugs they are carrying most of the part so they don't get caught with all the drugs that they have on them.

“During the 2016 the Border Patrol Agents from San Diego from Tijuana Mexico have caught 83,000 kilograms of marijuana and cocaine combined.'' The way that the DEA caught it was they sneaked it in through the border with the car and mixed up with the foods and even put in by their seats. The drugs went through until they got pulled over in Texas and that's when everything went downhill.

Drug trafficking has been a problem since 1963. It will continue to happen because it's been a problem for so long and people like us are trying to stop it. Even though this has always been a problem and it should be stopped a long time ago but it hasn't. The drugs don't usually just go through the border there's plenty of ways drugs get to the U.S. One of the most popular one is flying drugs here to the U.S some drug just fly there drugs to the U.S and they have by TSA and they would have to hide so they won't get caught. Some drug traffickers could even sail their boats here because it would be “easy” but to be honest the drug could take days to even get to the U.S.

Drug trafficking coming from Mexico has a lot of security and most of the security is very tough and they even K-9 dogs and most of the K-9 dogs could smell the drugs that they smuggling. Mexico gets drugs from South America and many more countries. Most of the country mostly gets there drugs from Mexico meaning the marijuana and methamanimy. Methamphetamine comes from Mexico and Opium also comes from Mexico. Marijuana is a huge topic of my paper because it has been drug trafficking for so long. Drug trafficking is a big problem in the U.S and its mainly drugs like marijuana and cocaine. Even though drug trafficking has to stop one day.Mexico has a lot of problems and a lot of violence so when Mexico stops the violence towards drugs the drug trafficking will stop.

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