Double In The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde And Fight Club

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is the main character in 'The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' by British writer Robert Stevenson. Jekyll used the secret medicine developed by himself to separate the evil in his human nature. However, it is unexpected that the separated evil turns into an independent personality and shows itself, and then kills people on a large scale. Fight Club is one of the works of director David Fincher. The plot of the film develops with the collision and interweaving of jack and Taylor's two personalities. Both of these works revolve around the two sides of each person. My goal in this paper is to talk about dual personality. I think everyone has two sides. It's our bright side and our dark side. We are all a community of contradictions between good and evil.

My paper is mainly divided into four parts. Firstly, it discusses The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and what I learned from this story. Then introduce the film's interpretation of the dual personality. Finally, compare the similarities and differences between the novel and the film, then how I study from film and story. In my opinion, I don't believe that there is completely good or complete evil in the world. As the beloved and respected doctor, Jekyll. He invented a special potion that allowed him to twist his body into another person — the other side of doctor Jekyll, Hyde. Doctor Jekyll drank the potion and became Hyde. He had done all the wrong things in Hyde's body. In showing the contrast to this evil side of man, the author depicts Dr. Jekyll as an individual who able to control his actions and remains rational all the time. Despite being engaged in the bad, he's able to project his actions to the right most of the time. It is not possible to be encompassed of one half of the being that's good or evil, but humans are made of the two. As the book says, 'did you ever want to be someone else? Are you looking at someone you know and thinking, 'he can do whatever he wants, why can't I? Do you ever want to be someone else who can do whatever you want, even if it's just for one day? No one is going to accuse you of that because no one knows it's you -- it's not you anymore. How exciting it would be to be someone else!' (35). I can know when his body no longer restrained doctor Jekyll, the dark side of his heart burst out unbridled. Hyde is the absolute embodiment of evil, without any of the goodness or goodness of human nature that we celebrate. So, before the potion was invented, Doctor Jekyll's two personalities conflicted, and he recognized the profound duality of human nature. He professed to be as sincere on both points: 'I am myself when I throw aside all restraints and plunge into the scandal, as I am when I toil in learning or alleviate the pain of others in broad daylight.' (25) As for the reason why doctor Jekyll has more distinct good and evil than ordinary people, and why the duality in his human nature becomes a disease, I think it is like this: it is related to doctor Jekyll's unaccepted and unrealized desire.

Good and evil are opposites, but in the novel, the noble and respected doctor and the devil Hyde are the same. This also highlights the two sides of people. Doctor Jekyll has had great ambition since he was young, and he is talented and diligent. He has a high personal position, wants to achieve great achievements, wants to be respected and admired by others, so he tries to suppress and cover up his like the writer examines restless love, and pleasure desire. In the book, he said, 'the great ambition I set for myself made me almost look at and cover-up this abnormal state with a kind of a morbid shame.' (17) When he later achieved and became a respected doctor, his inner debauchery and desire need to be carefully hidden from the outside world. Jekyll's entanglement lies in this. His identity conflict shows the conflict between two classes, one discarding the other, separating from the other, loathing each other, and attracting each other from different angles. Instead of being forgotten over time, these desires are subconsciously kept in the back of our minds. They gather energy like living volcanoes until one day, they explode. Doctor Jekyll is more restrained than most people in hiding his dark side. The more he wanted to pursue indulgent freedom, the more the two personalities pulled him apart, forming a state of a split personality. Hyde's evil is actually the evil side of the doctor's personality, but with such a status, he will always want to hide the evil, but once he has a face no one knows, his evil will burst out unbridled.

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In the movie, Jack, the hero of the fight club, is an ordinary employee in a car company. His dull work and life are depressing. He yearns for freedom, has a strong desire for destruction, and severe insomnia and mental distortion have split him into another personality, Tyler. Tyler is full of rebellious, cruel, and crackling ruffian hero; he represents the heart of Jack out of the system perverse unruly personality. Tyler founded the fight club and grew it, creating a legion of antisocial, destructive mindless believers. Jack discovers that Tyler is out of control and eventually discovers that he and Tyler are the same person. Even for a few minutes, he showed great greed for his companion's company. 'How do I get Tyler's attention' (Fight Club). He genuinely wanted to embody all the characteristics of Tyler Durden; 'Tyler and I look more and more alike. We both punched the flippers out of our cheeks. Our feelings have lost their memory. After we were shot, we forgot where to slide back '(Fight Club). In these two narratives, the characters' visual perception of the other self is different. There is also the urge to do the wrong thing. He has an evil side, ready to explode; He would say. 'That grown man is not real. But the real two '(74). Unfortunately. He would misbehave in any video. A terrible sense of guilt would form in his mind. Doctor Jekyll was willing to admit that he could see. 'Two competing natures in my field of consciousness (74). I know people can be divided into two personalities. In the end, jack kills himself by swallowing a bullet that flies off his cheek. The film ends with a whole section of skyscrapers collapsing. With split personalities as the theme, both Frankenstein and Jekyll, and Hyde end in self-destructive tragedies. But the fight club is a comedy from beginning to end. The films incisively and vividly display dual personalities warns people that they are confronted with the problem of inner emptiness under the circumstance of gradually enriching material life. Maybe we all need to talk to ourselves and see if we can see ourselves in a 'Fight Club.'

'Fight Club' is a novel and movie of dual personality, and I think it is partly influenced by the classic book 'The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.' Unlike Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Tyler's character in the film isn't exactly evil. He's smart, unusual, and untouchable, always aware of his goal and attacking with all his might. Doctor Jekyll had his demons. There is also the urge to do the wrong thing. He has an evil side, ready to explode; He would say. 'That grown man is not real. But the real two '(74). Unfortunately. He would misbehave in any video. A terrible sense of guilt would form in his mind. Doctor Jekyll was willing to admit that he could see. 'Two competing natures in my field of consciousness (74). Dr. Jekyll then decided to apply his findings to the idea that people can be divided into two personalities.' It's all so far away. A transcript, transcript, transcript.' Insomnia distance everything. You can't touch anything, and nil can touch you '(Fight Club). He described it as an out-of-body experience. And some of the richness later revealed in the narrative. When he fell into a state of insomnia. He's under the control of Tyler Durden, as Tyler said. 'Every time you fall asleep, I run away and do something crazy.' Crazy stuff. It's all in my head '(Fight Club). Taylor explained that the longer it took Joe to wake up. Lupus will help. He will fight to get his head back. This meant that he began to visit Tyler more and more frequently without his knowledge or free will which I know a life lesson in which path you should take. It is, at best, a life lesson in how easy it is to make the wrong choice while making the right one. In both of these short stories, the idea, and theme of waking up emerge as another self-importance for you. Now at fight club. The only time the main character turns into Tyler Durden is when he goes to sleep and wakes up, half asleep. Strange to say, doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Doctor Jekyll invented an elixir of life that he could take away Mr. Hyde. Mr. Utterson said when he questioned Dr. Jekyll's control over Mr. Hyde. 'The moment I chose. I can get rid of Mr. Hyde '(58). Dr. Jekyll, however, overestimated his ability to control animals. Sometimes he wanted to prove that he didn't have to play Mr. Hyde anymore. But he is certainly tempting to do animals to get stronger every piece. This vision is similar to the way Joe embraced Taylor in his heart how he wanted to be with Tyler.

Fight club is not just about destruction. Because of the great pressure in modern society, everyone needs to 'vent.' The reason why fight club exists is that people need to vent their frustration with pain. It was only later that Tyler went further. At the end of the movie, Jack's personality overpowers Tyler, which is the opposite of Jekyll and Hyde. Split personality is certainly not the only theme in the book, and Dr. Jekyll's split personality reflects the struggles of good and evil in each of us. The best part of the book, I think, is in the last chapter, the doctor's confession. Doctor Jekyll's account describes a great deal about the struggle between the two personalities. The conflict between doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was the only one between achieving a normal state before his reputation was ruined. He searches for elements that may help his metamorphosis back to his primary self. This did not work out as planned and ended in Mr. Hyde's self-destruction. It was to save him from the embarrassment of exposed or to face the struggle of facing trial and being sent to the gallows.

These two different confrontations occur in two different ways because Tyler Durden's presence is the result of the psychological needs felt by the main character at the beginning of the novel. I feel sleepy. I'm too complete. I'm perfect. I want a lifestyle '(Fight Club). He created Hyde in his mind, and doctor Jekyll created Hyde in the immoral material expression of his own heart. Now a physical transformation is more difficult than a mental transformation. Thus, the novella ends with both characters trying to commit suicide, while the hero of the fight club shoots himself in the process. Not me. But when he thought about Tyler Durden, he made it. What can we learn from fight club? Don't let idealism ruin our view of the world so that we don't see the good things in front of us. The world is not perfect, and neither are the people. You don't solve problems by screwing everything up and starting all over again. You work with what you have instead of being so far away from the reality that you can't see not only the world but who you are and what you are. I like fight club because he's a Pollyanna who thinks blowing up a few buildings will solve the world's problems. This is not a lesson that can be learned as a 'path.' The lesson here is that this kind of extremism doesn't make you happy, and it doesn't really solve anything. If you want to learn from fight club, learn from his mistakes. Take heart, even the most broken among us may find love in the strangest of places. From the initial transformation to release me, to the description of desperate resistance that could not be changed back due to overuse -- from the initial release, happiness, and freedom to the final fear, despair, and anxiety, I deeply felt a sense of despair and cold powerlessness in the process of reading.

I think the universe, the bottom of the sea, and the human heart are the three most amazing beings. 'Know yourself' is one of the eternal questions of humanity, but everyone looks at himself as if he were in a fog. So, I admire Freud and Stevenson for their profound analysis of the duality of human nature. Our exploration of ourselves will never end, and how should we balance our inner good and evil and face our desires.

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