Does Spirituality And Religion Has A Meaning In Education

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As a student educator theories I have conducted and the experiences of life that I have come across the conflicts between spirituality and religion it is very important, their roles and meanings to education is very broad, they both contribute to holistic education as well as the health in healing our societies through our different forms of beliefs. Our religion could be influenced by the environment and beliefs which we live in and the circumstances due to the fact that we were raised in different ways from different backgrounds.

For example some of us we were taught to go to Sunday schools, read a scripture in a Bible and pray before we go off to bed while others just go to sleep without praying or even reading a Bible. And somehow spirituality connected to this situations because when one deals with problems they pray about it and put their faith to God and believe that they are being guided and protected by God.

In this topic we are going to focus on whether spirituality and religion has a meaning in education or they both have relationships, the differences and connections which these two have, how our Education System can improve or address the importance of Religious Education in our schools. Christian theology need to be taught for our learners to know and find the meaning to life and help them grow spiritually. And we also need to know the meaning of these two in order to understand. According to Kessler, R. et, al, her theory was described as two bodies: to prevent physical behavior and to admire the spirituality in young children, she focused on adolescent because she realized that there is more to spiritual questions and meanings which are ignored and not viewed or recognized and in any cases they could be harmful and cause our children to be unstable in their spirituality and talked with her leaners to address these issues, she was able to see that learners were able to connect and understand their integrity as well as finding balance in themselves.

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Spirituality is a search for a meaning and the way in which a person grows and learn, wanting to gain balance in life. it is a purpose of finding direction in life, believing that God is alive and that he is the Creator of heaven and earth, pray to him and feel his presence, know that he does miracles and then allow yourself to pray, go to church, read the Bible to understand the mercy of God. But first you need to ask yourself some questions. Who am I? What is my purpose in life? Is it possible for me to be religious without being spiritual? You therefore begin to understand that every human being has their spiritual journey, as we worship and serve different Gods, we have different traditions, our skin colors are not the same, but yet we share the same spirituality. At the end everything will add up and make sense as well as finding answers for your questions.

Religion is having the relationship with God and understanding his power, it is a set of beliefs from different cultures with different groups of people. Jesus talked about the true meaning of religion in Matthew 22:37-40, saying love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. And love your neighbor as you love yourself. Reading a Bible can help you to find inner peace and understand the purpose of the universe. Why we cannot sell our souls to the devil? Because we are the Sons and Daughters of Almighty and we need to fight the evils surrounding us by praying and believing to God.

Our education system can improve these two principles by bringing back the Religious Education Subject to help children to increase their literacy and numeracy and build their knowledge is religion and spirituality in teaching and learning. Back in the days in school we used to go to assembly in the morning before class starts, we will sing and praise the Lord, the teacher will read a scripture from the Bible and preach, we will then pray and go to class. During religious education subject were taught about the creation of heaven and earth, the evil and the holy spirits, how Satan operate or tempt a human-being, we knew the difference between good and bad, to us religious was the head and spirituality was the heart. Interaction between teacher and learner benefited the learning process but today we learners do not respect their teachers it has come to that point whereby our teachers are threatened and they do not feel safe in classroom, our learners lack direction and guidance in education.

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