Does America Still Provide Access to the American Dream

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Does America still provide access to the American dream? This essay briefly and succinctly examines this topic, the author highlights arguments in support of his own opinion on the issue. Many still believe in the American dream but it seems that with time America is slowly taking away access to it. In my opinion the American dream is slowly dying out. There are many examples in stories and movies on how America is starting to make achieving the American dream.

An example of the American dream is getting harder to achieve is in The Great Gatsby. In The Great Gatsby Jay is chasing the American dream but is constantly facing obstacles when it comes to the people he’s with and the decisions he has to make. Jay fell in love with a girl who was rich, but he eventually left to fight in the world war. Jay wasn’t rich at the time so she left jay for someone who was wealthy at the time. Jay lost his dream because he failed to be wealthy at the time.

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In the prompt “Roberto Acuna talks to farm workers” roberto talks about how farmers aren’t appreciated enough. He talks about how farmers don’t have what they need to keep working. He also talks about how they don’t have proper housing and benefits. The farmers fail to live the American dream because they are constantly working in bad conditions. The farmers could probably live the American dream easier if they were provided with the tools and items needed to help them out.

To some the American dream is getting easier to achieve. More and more jobs and opportunities come every year. With new jobs, means less people living in poverty and more people living their dream. It's also easier to get some jobs because of more opportunities in school, such as scholarships. Requirements for jobs are becoming easier too, meaning that more people are getting jobs.

With a lot more job opportunities, comes a lot more technology advancements. Workers in many different career fields are slowly being replaced with machines. This change in the work environment is making the number of unemployment higher. Meaning more people are unable to provide for themselves or their family and are living in poverty. Living in poverty means that they are unable to live out the American dream.

So when it comes to the question “does America still provide access to the American dream” I would say that it does. America still provides the American dream but it’s slowly dying out due to workers needing more resources to complete the job. If America starts to pay more and provide workers with the things they need then we would be able to keep the American dream alive. 

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