Dengue Fever As Infected Blood Product

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So I decided to choose Dengue Fever (also known as DENgee) as my topic for this research because as we all know this fever is very viral and killing many people across the globe. If you look at the data about this virus and number of deaths it has caused which is about 400 million, will definitely make us to extra step to prevent this happening to us. Dengue is painful, debilitating mosquito borne disease and some of the similar disease in this category is yellow fever, most of this viral disease are occurred in tropical area of world and some of the location are Indian subcontinent, Mexico, and when we more look closely in data or record of this viral disease Africa is one of the most infectious country because that’s the country where Ebola and other disease started spreading across the globe. Dengue has become a globe problem since world war II I think, the earliest description of an outbreak date was during 1779. This disease is naturally caused by person who has dengue virus in their blood and when mosquito bites them they spread it.

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Dengue can also be transmitted via infected blood products or through organ donation, when we look more closer towards the data on this disease Singapore is also a country where dengue is endemic and risk on this issue is estimated to be about 1.6 and 6 per 10,000 transfusion So it is recommended that whenever we travel to any of this location we take extra care of us for example take vaccines before entering or existing back to state, so it doesn’t spread to anyone. Some of the symptoms for this viral disease are severe headache, high fever, muscle pain / joint pain, vomiting and other symptoms, to diagnose this disease on you doctors can do blood test to check for virus or antibodies, and it would also be easy if you would let your doctor know if you ever traveled to any countries so it would make easier to diagnose.

Even though there isn’t a specific treatment for this fever, but its recommended to take medicines like acetaminophen to feel better and recover from it but if the condition gets worsen it is recommended to visit doctor or get admitted in hospital to get a detailed checked up for the complications and some laboratory test for dengue fever can be confirmed by microbiological lab testing and it can be done by virus isolation in cell cultures, nucleic acid. There are also ways to prevent this or protect us from this viral infection like said earlier one simple remedy is just sit inside with high air conditioner on to cool your body down.

So the reason why I picked to do research based on this topic dengue fever is, I had a friend back home India we both studied together, so one day he got really sick so we all thought its just a normal sickness and fever so his parent gave him regular fever medicine so he would feel better, eventually, it did but then after two weeks. He got sick again and this time there were serve symptoms on him like his face would turn yellow, throw up, won’t eat anything and this family is very low on income and couldn’t afford treatments to recover him so sadly he passed away within month.

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