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Chess is a fantastic game to play.

Hello my name is Ethan Shin. I am a sixth grade student at Geneva school. I would like to tell you about chess.

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, once said, “Chess makes men wiser and clear sighted.”

Many chess players believe this is true, but why does chess make men wiser or clear sighted?

Chess is a great educational game because it helps people focus by channeling their energy to do something. For example, studies have shown people that play chess frequently are significantly better than others in memory, reading, or verbal reasoning skills, mathematics, problem solving, creativity, and logical thinking. Overall people that play chess frequently have higher IQ scores than average people.

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One family bore a child named David Smerdon. He was diagnosed with ADHD and many people recall that he was a terror as a young child. His parents introduced chess to him at a young age. He channeled his energy into it to become a good chess player and to help build character. By channeling his energy into chess, he was able to channel his energy into his schoolwork, which led to his academic success. Today David is the second best chess player in Australia.

In Venezuela, a study of around 4,000 second grade students was done. It resulted in most of the students having an increase in most students IQ scores after only a couple months of training in chess. Venezuela’s government then added chess lessons to all schools. Chess helps many students in their schoolwork and other things.

Chess also has many health benefits for people. Playing chess exercises the brain, which can help your life long mental health, it prevents sicknesses from old people, helps you see better, and enhances brain growth.

A study of 488 seniors playing chess for a year was done by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. They found that when old people play chess, it keeps the brain functioning instead of letting it deteriorate. This reduces your risk of Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and anxiety.

Also, when a person plays chess, it enhances the growth of Dendrites. Dendrites send signals from neuron cells in your brain to other neurons. The more Dendrites you have, the speed and quality of the neural communication throughout your brain will be better.

There are many activities a person can do that will help him in life. But chess is a game that makes men wiser, clear sighted, and gives health benefits. So why not start playing now if you haven’t already?

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