Conflict Theory and Ageism in Aging Discrimination

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The advantage characteristic of the conflict theory is that it creates a continuous constant, drive for the middle and upper topmost class of young people to accumulate compile, wealth to maintain preserve their social class. This is good because it ensures guarantee the economy grows. The conflict theory in the contemporary world has the disadvantage of classifying assort society in terms of social classes like ageism which has resulted fulfill in prejudice favor and discrimination against the elderly. 

My plan of care for the elderly is to first establish set up how conflicts arise engender due to young and aged competing vie for specific resources. Healthcare professionals and even the society have a prejudice preconception against the old leading prime to the elderly facing difficulty to obtain gain access to essential care services. 

My plan takes into account reckoning the deficiency reduction of social classifications and instead establishes that if social frameworks are modified adjust to classify the elderly as persons with unique individualities, positive outcomes can result. As a result, healthcare professionals will be able to get gain closer to the elderly. Such this modification adjustment of social classifications will, in turn, make it easy to avail advantage educational programs, encourage promote interaction with the elderly through during support programs, and lead to more access to healthcare services through during eliminating the barrier caused by ageism attitudes.

Care for the elderly is soon shortly, rising to become an urgent quick area to lead to the well-being of the entire full, nation. The old-age population in the U.S is expected to grow increase to about 20% by 2030 and as for the ageing population in Canada, individuals above the age of 65 are predicted foretell to grow to 20% by 2024. Developed nations like Italy and Germany already have reported that the population of the aged above 65 years already hit the 20% mark of the total population in 2010.

The trend direction in a fast increase in the ageing population is witnessed testify across most of the other European nations and the trend direction is the same for individuals above the age of 80. If the trend direction in the aging population continues to increase for the future without their health being taken care of, there will be a burden on the national healthcare system in terms of chronic illnesses like mental health disorders, diabetes, and Alzheimer's disease.

It is worrying that the American healthcare system classifies society based on ageism. The biggest obstacle hurdle, to the care of the old age is that ageism continues keep going to remain the most institutionalized regularized form of discrimination and bias alignment . The ageism approach does not just apply to the healthcare system but it additionally applies stratify to society as a whole complete . In 2015, a marketing agency predicted divine

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that the Americans will go so far to spend expend billions of dollars to the tune of 114 billion dollars to hide any physical signs of ageing. The barriers fence have therefore resulted output in a society that discredits discountenance the population if they are aged with the view that it is bad to get old and credits the young as energetic active and a positive thing. 

What is more apparent visible is that the ageist attitude can occur in workplaces and force younger employees to develop biased attitudes towards individuals that are much younger like 40 years of age. Individuals who seek employment at 40 may encounter difficulties since they may be generally viewed as incompetent and on the verge border of retiring which may not always be true. In this respect ageism is a term that can be used to describe perform prejudice against the old age individuals above 65 as well as behaviours of prejudice just because one may be older at about 40 to 44 years.

The separation segregation of the society into the two groups of the aged and young creates make an imbalance of power and access to essential fundamental services and can, therefore, be viewed as a social justice rightness problem. The principle, therefore, leads to the elderly struggling for a certain performshare of resources while the younger population, on the other hand, retain hold a good proportion suitability of the resources. A point in case is the evident apparent age stereotype in the healthcare organizations whereby.

The healthcare professionals prefer to tend to the younger generation instead of the older patients. Some physicians despite acknowledging admit prejudice favor against the elderly continue to do so due to a bias in the hospital budgeting priorities preference to prioritize prefer for the younger patients. Such competition contest for resources purse, due to different priority preference levels is what results in conflicts.

Several myths legend exist in the social framework structure such as old age is unstoppable and physicians associate support, old age illnesses to being senile rambling and untreatable. Additionally, some physicians shy ashamed away from utilizing use telehealth and telemedicine to take care of the aged since they feel that the aged cannot comprehend the latest technologies. The problem in the healthcare system can be attributed refer to the biased classification of the population based on their age. Conflicts can be managed if the social classification sorting is modified adjust, to classify the old age as persons. Older persons should be understood as an individual with a unique past and future whether healthy or frail weakly. 

In addition to individualism, the old aged can be classified based on what they can do and what they cannot do. Healthcare professionals and leaders should thus consequently seek to reform policies that eradicate uproot ageism myths legend and get closer to the old aged individuals. In short, educational programs and interventions should be facilitated simplify that creates scenarios for physicians practitioner and healthcare professionals to with the old people to reduce conflict. In this way healthcare professionals can trade-up and trade-in their biased attitudes and myths , story towards old age.

There also needs to be a shift proceed to encourage promote geriatric care services so that more healthcare professionals can pursue follow courses in gerontology to better address item the needs of the old people. It is estimated evaluated that by 2030, there will be an increased demand request for an additional 3.5 million geriatric professionals to meet the rapidly expanding aged population. The government can provide supply loan forgiveness tolerance programs for students who pursue follow a gerontology course to shift the focus to old-age care and promote health equity.

Conflict theory has been used to show how competition emulation for resources between the aged and the young takes place in society due to the inherent deep-rooted social classification. Social frameworks structure have produced created prejudiced discriminating opinions towards the aged viewing them as unproductive non-productive in workplaces. 

Man healthcare professionals view old age illnesses as being senile and untreatable. Improvements in healthcare can be brought about by modifying change the social stratification in the society to incorporate combine the aged as unique individuals instead of classifying the society as either elderly or young. With a reformed classification, sorting strategies, like availing benefit educational programs and promoting encourage, family support programs like Foster Grandparents, will enable the discrimination attitudes to reduce decrease leading to quality care for the elderly. 

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