Civil Rights Movement among The Civil Liberties Versus Civil Rights Dispute

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“You must never be fearful about what you are doing if it is right” Rosa Parks, once said because she was very aware of the mistreating towards African Americans. On the bus they were segregated, Rosa Parks sat in the whites only section, she refused to move when a white man asked her to leave the seat, she was forced to move. Rosa Parks is brave and for that she is a role model and activist in the civil rights movement. The Civil Rights movement was to stop racism, and to change laws America. The Civil Rights Movement began after the Civil War. The movement stood for the lack of humanity towards African Americans, they were mistreated and discriminated against and kept from their equal rights for the color of their skin. This era of time is important because it stopped division and made discriminiation illegal. This paper will explore the important legislation, people, laws, and events. The laws were racist and violated the 14th amendment. Leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks were brave, committed leaders. Leaders participated and took part in marches, boycotts and protests.

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In7 1865, the Civil Warended and slavery was abolished how ever blacks were necesarally freed. Jim crow laws separated people in public places by the race become common for public places. Supreme court made a deciosns upheld racial segregation under seperate but eqaul but not in society. In 1895, Black people in the United States were affected by the jim crow laws. The laws separated people by color. If laws were being broken there were harsh consequences, that usually lead to death. For example a black man and a white man could not shake hands or eat together, relationships were prohibited. Blacks were not entitled to the courtesy of respect such as “Mr '' or “Mrs.” always called by their first name. Any place that both races could come to concat or interact they were segregation laws. It is important because these laws violate equal protection against the law. Although the Jim Crow laws were terrible, people fought for a change for their equal rights. In 1890, Plessy vs. Ferguson was a law passed in Louisiana, a lawsuit from Homer Plessy. Plessy decided to test one of the laws with determination to change the laws. 

During this time slavery was abolished in the United States but racial discrimination did not end. Plessy was mixed races of black ad white but to the law he is black. Plessy sat in the section of a railroad that was segregated for whites only, he refused to move and was arrested. Plessy’s argument to Judge John Howard Ferguson was making him sit in another section of the train was violating his constitutional rights. Homer Plessy then took it to supreme court. The ruling of the lawsuit was that the 14th amendment did say that both races were “equal” before the law but not equal in society. The importance of Plessy vs. Ferguson allowed separate but equal well known as segregation to become a law Jim Crow laws which made it okay to discriminate and segregated public facilities. When will the conditon and discrimination for blacks change? In 1954, laws began to change. Courts stripped away constitutional exceptions for public segregation by race.

In 1957, nine African American students attended Central Highschool in Little Rock Nine Arkansas with white students. The nine students were chosen to attend this school, they were chosen because they wanted to prove the country wrong about being able to succeed, they were supposed to be treated equally, but were not being treated equally they were harassed and bullied and threatened. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a civil rights protest. African Americans refused to ride busses in Montgomery, Alabama due to segregation on the busses. Blacks sat in the back and the whites in the front. The boycott was a year long, from December 5th, 1955 to December 20th, 1955. A couple days before the boycott began Rosa Parks was arrested, threatened, assaulted after refusing to give her seat up for a white man. The U.S supreme court later ordered Montgomery to look into the bus system. This helped African Americans because the court ordered for all modes of transportation not to be segregated.

In 1960 a group of nine African American participated in a sit-in protest at Woolworth's lunch center in Greensboro, North Carolina. They refused to leave after being asked to leave after they were declined service. Many of the protesters were arrested. Those that were arrested were charged with disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct and trespassing. The sit-in protest soon became a movement that spread to colleges/universities but they also became very violent, protesters were abused verbally,

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