Christian Worldview: Faith And Forgiveness As A Basis

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Throughout history, different point of views arose and changed the way people looked at the past of the world. One specific viewpoint is the Christian’s worldview. Christians sin just like everyone else and they recognize that, just like how they recognize the faith of God. Historical events include both of these things and that’s what the Christian worldview is all about. We see the stories of history as sinful nature by humans and an act of faith by God.

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History includes lots of sinning just like in the present and the upcoming future. The only person who was perfect and did not sin on earth, was Jesus. Any event that was historical can be used to dissect sinful nature. Every single event has at least one sin in it because none of us are perfect. One of the most sinful things America has done is slavery. Seeing other people by color and not by who they really are is extremely sinful. African Americans must have felt like they were worthless, and as Christians looking back we should have done better in that situation. Another historical event that showed humanity's sinful nature was the Civil War. Fighting against our own country over slavery conveys a lot of sins. The sin of killing our own citizens and friends hurts our reputation. Lastly, the women's suffrage shows how disrespectful some men were to women. Men would treat women with a lower level of status and respect. Lying and abusing women during these times were just a couple of sins committed. Every historical event has this form of darkness that humanity emits into the world. Throughout all of this God still has faith in us anyways. He knows how to forgive and forget, showing us the ultimate form of love.

God’s faith never seems to fail, even though we fail every single day. A bunch of events show God’s faithfulness as well. World War I is a great example of God’s faithfulness and mercy. WWI caused hardships throughout the world, but God gave America and their allies the victory on the whole war. God has mercy for each and every nation, causing him to end the war and keep peace momentarily. Another example of His faithfulness is the expansion of American and the Native American Removal. With America kicking the Native Americans out of their homeland God stays faithful and blesses them. God has mercy on them as well because they could have been forced to move even farther away. Lastly, the trade unions and workers' rights showed God’s mercy on all workers in America. God’s mercy causes for shorter work days and less workloads, so that we can mentally and physically feel stronger. God’s mercy and faithfulness sets an example of how we should act, but we still fall into the darkness that is the devil.

In conclusion, christian’s worldview is a mix between humanity’s sinful nature and God’s faithfulness. Some historical events that reflect the sinful nature were slavery, the Civil War, and women’s suffarage. God’s faithfulness shows up in historical events of World War I, the Native American Removal, and the workers’ rights in America. As Christians we see the rights and wrongs of history, our sins are forgiven by God and we need to be grateful that we are blessed. Christian’s Worldview shows how we are sinful because of darkness, but are then saved by God’s goodness. 

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