Child Soldiers and Sex Slaves: Violation of United Nations Human Rights

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According to the Human Rights Council and many states of the world, human rights are the basic rights and freedom that belongs to every person in the world, irrespective of country, race, religion, sex, age, and cultural or ethnic background. And terrorist groups such as ISIS and Taliban have seemed to bypass this and deprive many children of their rights from time to time, by training them from the age of seven, eight to be soldiers. And violating the rights of women by using them as sex slaves. This is not just robbing human rights from global citizens, but an issue of gender equality because women are the ones who suffer due to such horrendous action carried out by these terrorist groups. And so the USA, think that this issue must be dealt with a high priority as the number of recruited child soldiers and forced sex slaves has gone up during the years despite the efforts we have already taken.

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The formation of the UNHRC or the United Nations Human Rights Council in April of 2006 was the first and biggest blow given to terrorist groups, organizations and country states themselves who are involved in such practices. The Human Rights to Education and Training adopted in 2011 under the General Assembly Resolution 48/141 plays a long term role in abolishing such activities by creating awareness amongst young children and women that they are entitled to human rights. The Adoption of the Declaration on the Right to Peace in 2016 by its resolution of 32/28 allowed children of the world to opt for a life of peace and not be involved the armed forces of any kind. And the studies carried out on Terrorist Hostage Taking under the field A/HRC/24/47 has changed the way the General Assembly deals with such kind of issues. Even with all the steps that have been taken to abrogate such practices and atrocities progress has not been even close to what is required.

In the USA these policies put forth by the UN and the UNHRC have played a role in the past to bring down the number of our people that have been used as child soldiers and sex slaves but in recent days the number has started to grow once again due to the development of recruiting methods and advance in technology available to such terrorist groups. Even during the Obama presidency, our government has tried to tackle the issue by attacking it from many different angles, and this has been continued by the Trump administration, but it seems that our country will need the help and contribution of the Human Rights Council and fellow states to finally stop such inhumane practices from taking place. We ask countries such as Iran and Israel to collaborate in defining policies with the USA has to propose as this issue has affected these two countries the most despite the efforts both these countries have put in against this global issue. As we have just as much as a drive in us to stamp out such malpractices from taking place, just as much as any other country in our committee. We would like for a few brand new policies to take effect against these illegal organizations to stop them at any cost. The USA also feels that it is beyond critical that countries such as Syria, Pakistan, and Turkey cooperate with such action as they are one of the few nations to be plagued by such matters but do not have great involvement in putting an end to it.

The United States of America strongly believes that this problem must be removed from its roots and that the council must take severe action on states that support such actions. In order to do so, the official age for being involved in an armed fight can be raised, so that the children reach a mature age where they can decide for themselves that taking part I such brutalism i.e. Terrorism is wrong and inhumane. And furthermore teaching students at any level on how to use weapons should be banned. Supporting this, in the USA steps have been taken, so that children are exposed to gun culture less than have been before. As such children have been proved to be tilted towards a life of violence compared to other children. Furthermore, educational grants can be given to children in such situations to pull them out of a life of crime. And for an offense of sex slavery, we strongly believe that the punishment should be increased from a few decades in prison to a life sentence or death penalty. The paper was informative but proofreading was required quite a bit. Equal division of content for child soldiers and sex slaves is needed. Generalizations regarding gun control are to be avoided especially with regards to solutions. Delegate must keep in mind that solutions must be feasible and effective, able to actively combat the problem – especially considering that most child soldiers are forced to do so and brainwashed into taking up arms. Raising age criteria would be irrelevant in this situation, so keep in mind relevance to the topic. What has the US done in particular to combat issues in other countries? What does it suggest regarding rescue and rehabilitation? Show your understanding of the issue by breaking down the issue – for example rescue of those in custody of the ISIS or Taliban, rehabilitation, and prosecution of perpetrators. The introduction to human rights and background on country’s experience was well written. Calling on the countries most affected by the issue to take affirmative action was also a good measure. Education grant was a nice means of rehabilitation, but a few more measures would be appreciated.

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