Chezar Chavez Movie Reflections: Making Change with Courage

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Courage is someone who is not afraid of doing something that others find menacing. In the article “The Brave” it states that, “brave people are often those who take a moral stand and have a clear sense of purpose”. People are willing to risk their lives for something that they truly and confidently believe in. Standing up and being brave, confronting all the people who do not believe in them is being brave. They are risking their own lives knowing the consequences of others giving them hate and sometimes even death. In the film “Chezar Chavez” Chezar shows courage in believing he could make a change and standing up for his own rights as well as other people in the working field. Doing so, Caesar forms a civil rights movement for raising minimum wages for underpaid farm workers and immigrant workers. Courage can be seen in many ways, being defined in terms of 10 features according to “10 Features of Courageous Choice” by Shahram Heshmat, but in most ways the main one would be about moral courage. Many people can be brave and have courage but most are not willing to risk their lives for a strike.

Being a risk taker is a part of being courageous, not being afraid of anything and looking fear right in the face. In the article “The Brave” it states “courage is the willingness to risk life and limb for the sake of something”(Vanessa Baird). Couarge reveals a lot about ourselves as to what we believe in and care about. But what does it really take to have courage as it does not come to us naturally. Courage and taking action in something comes from having a strong enough reason to act out. Strong enough to launch you forward in the face of danger to stand up for what is right no matter the risk. “Today some of the bravest people in the world are defenders of human rights. ”(Vanessa Baird). Human rights are one of the most important things to have in life, however, to have someone stand up for these rights and help others with their rights takes a special courage, a moral courage. Moral courage entails maintaining ethical integrity or authenticity at the risk of losing friends, jobs, and privacy.
Cesar Chavez was a person who took a risk helping other people even if caesar's life was on the line. He was a minding individual born on March 31, 1927 in Yuma, Arizona. He grew up in a poor neighborhood with his family of 6 in one home. His family had almost no cash and not a great deal of nourishment to feed the whole family.

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Cesar didn't have an awesome early existence with a ton of resources that other children have access to, yet he made it his best with what he had. At a young age, Cesar worked with his family on their ranch. At one point in his life when he was a young adult, he joined the US Naval force. Then later after serving in the Naval force, he got back home and wedded Helen Chavez his spouse. Ceasar Chavez cared a lot about other people, in addition to the fact that he cared about individuals, he also thought about animals as well. “when poor people get involved in a long conflict, such as a strike or a civil rights movement, and the pressure increases each day, there is a deep need for spiritual advice, without it we see families crumble, leadership weaken, and hard workers grow tired. ” said in the movie “Ceasr Chavez” by Diego Luna the producer of the film. Chavez wanted to help, regardless of whether it implied that he would be despised by others. As he joined the Network Administration Association and he later established the Unified Ranch Laborers Relationship in 1962. He needed to make changes without savagery so he drove numerous walks and hunger strikes to help the Delano Grape Laborers also known as a strike for better working conditions and wages. He and the ranchers believed that they weren't getting paid enough cash.

Caesar fought Mexican Americans' privileges and pay rates as well as other immigrants who were also working. His most acclaimed walk was from Delano, California to Sacramento, California. It was numerous miles of strolling, yet it was for a decent purpose. Numerous Mexican Americans and Grape Laborers assembled with Cesar Chavez, and bolstered him during the walk. “without a union, the people are always cheated, and they are so innocent. ”(Producer Diego Luna). To show that the boycotters implied business, they showed up in large numbers as to having numerous signs held up that said “Huelga” meaning strike. After numerous days of starvation and a hurt leg, Cesar Chavez and his adherents won the strike. After long days of no eating and getting injured Ceasr chavez did not let his guard down having the mentality to show what others did not want to do. Numerous individuals didn't feel that the Grape Laborers and Chavez would win the Strike. Cesar Chavez accepted that he could do it, and he did even though many individuals doubted him and denied him.

Later in his life, Cesar Chavez made another dissent since he imagined that pesticide synthetics are terrible for the ranchers' plants and fields. The entirety of Chavez's walks prompted national consideration for all farm workers. Chavez picked up help from individuals like Jesse Jackson and Robert Kennedy who have lots of power and can help make a change. Chavez got the chance to meet both of them, and they revealed to him that he impacted them in a good way. His walks turned out to be extremely well known and they began to impact an ever increasing number of individuals each time. Cesar Chavez later passed away in Arizona on April 23, 1993 from natural causes. In his memory, Walk 31 is currently celebrated as Cesar Chavez day. We commend all that he did and guided to help other people. He will consistently be recognized as a pioneer and a legend to those in the working field.

Cesar Chavez had numerous extraordinary qualities and fundamental beliefs that inspired him to do what he did that helped other people in a way to make him have a role in moral courage. His family, companions, and his laborers all persuaded him since they were imperative to him. He felt like his laborers ought to have been getting paid more than they were making then what they were actually being paid. They were getting paid at the lowest pay permitted by law. Cesar Chavez indicated moral mental fortitude by driving numerous blacklists, walks, and hunger strikes. They were for extraordinary makes such as dissent which was something that he had faith in, or to impact people groups' psyches. He demonstrated quality and valiance by needing to lead strikes that could have put his life in danger. He could have had his job removed, or he could have gone to prison for what he did. Numerous individuals admired him for what he did to help other people. He didn't lead the strikes for himself as he took charge and made the strikes for him and others through the decency of his heart. Cesar Chavez's ethical mental fortitude had an exceptionally enormous effect on many individuals. He won the dissent when he walked 250 miles from Delano to Sacramento to get his laborers paid more cash than they were being paid previously. He likewise impacted numerous individuals by being such an extraordinary pioneer and leaving a good leadership example. He will consistently be known as “them”, not being an individual who stands for himself and takes all the credit but for everyone who he fought for.

Courage takes someone who is willing to risk their lives and sometimes their occupation in some cases just to prove their point no matter the consequences. Cheasr chavez was one of those people who fought for his own rights and others rights no matter the cost. Chesar lead a group of people in a boycott to raise minimum wage and better working conditions so that people got paid what they deserved and in a safe environment. Despite all the other people who were with Chavez, Chavez had the most amount of courage in him taking leadership. Caesar did not just wake up one day and decided to boycott, he had it in mind since he was little as he did not have a lot himself, so he decided that things needed a change for once. Cesar was fearless as it is required to be courageous, one simply has to look past or overcome their fears to possess this great quality that Chavez had. He died a hero to many people, leaving his legacy behind for people to always talk about, for others to follow his steps and make a change when needed. He is a great example for anyone who wants to stand up for something that they really believe in. Having courage such as Chavez did can greatly impact your life and those around you in ways you could never imagine.

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