Challenges Faced In College And Solutions For Students

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I face plenty of challenges in pursuing my education and career goals. A few examples are college expenses, balancing time between classes and work, and finding a career that has a high rate of job opportunity. College expenses increase day by day. As a young student, how do I get money for my their cost? Even though I get financial aid, it is not enough. I can’t depend on my parents because they earn low wages. They need to pay the mortgage, auto insurance, and other daily home expenses. So college expenses are the biggest challenge that all I face because I can’t depend on someone else to support me.

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As a college student, balancing school and work is a another big challenges. If I am not focused on my college work, I will fail or have to drop which would causes me to lose my career. If I am not focused on my part-time job, how can I pay my bills? If I late to work, I may lose my job. Then I wouldn't have enough money to pay my tuition or other expenses. So, balancing college and a part-time job is a big challenge. Job availability is the another concern of mine. Nowadays medical and IT jobs are increasing, but we don’t have any idea if this will last. I have no idea how long I will have to look for a good job, which is related to my graduation to course. If I don't get a job, how will I pay for education loans? If I don’t pay them, the interest will increase. If the interest gets higher, they will be harder to repay. So, this is another challenge for me. I will have some solutions for the college expenses, I can apply for financial aid grants and scholarships. To pay there may not be enough money for students in private schools. I can also apply for a low- interest loan which would help me overcome their expenses. Some banks may give me a low interest loan. Government loans may also be low interest, so I could apply.

Balancing college and work is a big challenge. As a solution, I could arrange a better time schedule. For example, I should not schedule work and college on the same days. Or I could work on the weekends, take classes on week days, and do the homework when the class is done. If I don’t do my homework on time it could harder later. Making a timetable to manage school and work would be helpful.

To solve job availability problem, I could communicate or contact with people who are working in the same field. Suggestions from experienced people are great sources for learning about the career opportunities in my field. I could also apply for jobs before graduation and also ask get help from Jill (career advisor). College career advisors can be very helpful. If the college expenses increase, we have the best chance to overcome pay them by taking out low interest loans. Balancing college and work create fited schedule for jobs and classes. And last, I can start to apply for jobs before I graduate. I can get advice from someone who is familiar with my field. With the above suggestions I hope I can lead a succeeding future.

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