Challenges and Limitations Encountered During the Website Creation

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We face many challenges during we create this website, but we find the solutions to solve it. First of all, the first challenge we met is readability of the website. The original font size of the website is very small. Besides, font is thin it is hard to read by the visitor who is short sighted or the old aged. Therefore, we change to bigger font size for the title and smaller font size for the explanation. It will be clear since we use different font size to differentiate the title and explanation. After we change the font size of the website, it is easier to read by the visitor. Besides, the colour of our website is light blue and the font colour is dark blue more comfortable to read and it customers will spend more time our website rather than reading those website which is black in background and font colour in red.

Furthermore, the second challenge is we lack of editing graphic knowledge. We did not know how to create the vector act as the banner of the website requires us to use vector art. The original logo we created is an image, so when we want to change the original logo to our logo we could not change. Then, we realized that we need to change our logo to vector act which is in.svg format. Therefore, we did a lot of research on Google and we found out is we can download an application to change it from.jpg format to.svg format. Hence, the challenge, lack of editing graphic knowledge we solved it by download the app to change our image format to vector art.

The third challenge is the accessibility of the website. In the beginning, our website is hard to use because the function is not well design. As our targeted customers is teenagers and we also consider about the disability teenagers too. Therefore, we had improved the function by simplify it so is easier to checkout and go to the payment rather than click a lot of steps for check out. For instance, the visitors can find the product they want easily because we already set the categories and the navigation bar. For the categories, the visitors can sort by the price, colour and collection. They even can search it based on the newest and the alphabets of the products. Information above are view from (5 Biggest Challenges You Need to Face in Website Creation | StayOnSearch 2019). Lastly, although we face many challenges when doing this website but we tried our hard to solve it and make our website more convenient to the visitor.


We use WIX to create our website. While creating the website, there are some limitations that we face which will be obstacle. Firstly, WIX have the premium package that require us to pay in order to access. The premium package is a customization limitation that we meet. WIX can be divided into several package such as VIP, Combo, and a normal use one. For example, the VIP package would provide some special benefit like unlimited bandwidth, professional logo, site booster app and priority response, but we have to pay for a higher price every month. Hence, our website was create for the assignment purpose, so we will just use the normal one package for create website.

This situation cause some limitation when we were creating the website like the domain name of the website. Our current website URL contains Wix which not focused on our business name “Droplet”. Besides, the VIP package can remove the advertising of WIX but in our website use the normal features. Therefore, the advertising that pop would distract our customer’ attention while they were surfing on our page.

One of the limitations we face is the lack of browser support. We design our website according to the desktop view. If you use mobile version to view our business website, some of the features that meant to be viewable in the desktop version is not available in the mobile version. For example, the animation of the line it had appear glide in the website but its does not glide in when we use the mobile version. This means the mobile version browser does not support the animation of our website.

Meanwhile, lack of resources is also a limitation of WIX, some of the problems is difficult to search the solution online or practically. For example, we sell cup mat for different materials such as wood, plastic and ceramic, we hope that can divined into different categories in each material. We had search online for the solutions but we can not find the method. Besides, we does not have any real time chat so we do not have the resources to help us to solve the problems, this cause we cannot solve the problem. Information above view from (Design Limitations of Websites 2019). In conclusion, WIX is the most popular app to create website but it also exists some of the limitation when we use it as a free user.

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With the development of internet and the popularization of online business, most of the enterprise would create a business website for promote and sell their product or service. A website is representing the image of the business to public and a good website can attract the attention of customer. As we have the ability to create a website, it can act as a part time job (Kumar 2019). People nowadays will provide online design service and this is their part time income. This editing website or creating website skill brought the benefit such as use it to earn money.

When we had the experience of create a website, it would become pathway to a better job in the future. The website we created will be our portfolio. Therefore, when we interview we will have a better and extra experience to impress our interviewer. For example, we can apply job for web page editor as a job in the future not only work as a normal employees. This might help us to make higher income as now internet is a trend. The demand of web page editor is highly increasing. Hence, we will have another pathway to pursue rather than apply job that in low demand which salary is much lower.

After creating the website, we also know how to keep updating the information of the page. For example, we will update our business website every week once it publish. Design a website can also help to improve our communication skill because we have to interact with the customer though FAQ and feedback. We also have the real time chat in the webpage so that we can deal their problems on the website. This helps to train our communication skills as we need to answer them immediately. In the future, if we want to start a business, we can design a suitable website for our own and save the cost of pay to the advertising company (3 Advantages to Building Your Own Website 2019). As we can design our self rather than hired people to design it and we also can keep update by ourselves. Hence, we no need to hire extra workers to done all this job can help to save cost since we no need to pay salary.

At last, we obtain a lot of benefit throughout learning for create a website. Therefore, it is a very good skill for us to use in the future.


In conclusion, while create our business website we face a lot of challenges, limitation but we also get to obtain benefits throughout the whole process. Challenges are the problems we get to solve it. First of all, the readability of the website, original website the font was small and thin. It is hard to those short sighted or older aged to read our words. Therefore, we change to bigger fonts and suitable fonts that easy to read. The theme of the website also changed to match the colour of the font. Besides, we are lack of editing graphic knowledge. We did not know how to change the format of the image, but we found out the solutions online. At last, we solve it by download an app to convert into a vector art. We also had faced the challenges which the accessibility of the website is poor. We improve it by simplify the steps for checking out in our online store. We also set the navigation bar, categories for our store, it will be convenient for the customers to search.

We also had face some limitations which we cannot overcome since the solutions is either we cannot afford it or is not available for us. One of the limitations we meet customization limitations. Not all the features on wix we get to use it, some of the premium features we had to pay the fee for it.

For example, the domains name we can only put our business name so our current website URL are contains with Wix since the one can only set our own name requires to pay. As our website is for assignment purpose so we cannot change anything about it. The lack of browser support is also included in the limitations. The mobile browser cannot support all the animation that able to show on the desktop version. For example, the line in the banner should be moving if use the desktop version but it does not move in mobile version. We are lack of resources, since some of the problems we face we cannot find answer online or physically. As we wanted to separate the categories in the shop even details but we found nothing online and we does not have any profession to ask. Therefore, the problem of separate more details still has not solve it.

After we learn to design this website we also obtain some new benefits from it. We get to earn more income as we use this skill to work as our part time jobs. We also can pursue a better pathway as this experience will helps in impress the interviewer in future since it is an extra skill for us. Besides, the demand of webpage designer is increasing so we can get a higher pay by apply this job since we have experience. Other than that, we can get interactive the customer which will train our communication skill. The real time chat function will help in train our communication skill as it we need to reply customer immediately. We also can frequently update our website without hired other people if we wanted to open up a business. This helps us to save cost since we do not need to pay extra salary.

Lastly, creating website helps us to grow up a lot since we get to put effort to solve all the problems we meet. It also helps to gain benefits which will make our life in the future better. Learning to create a website is skill, an experience and a help us learn a lot of new thing.

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