Case Study on the Disorders of Hemostatis

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Hemostatis is a vital process in the human body that prevents further damage to blood vessels. This can be also be referred as the blood clotting process with the opposite of the same being hemorrhage. However there are certain aspects which can inhibit the functionality of the vessels and more so that which are responsible for hemostatis to take effect.

These may be viewed in terms of the disorders which can be classified in various contexts such as the process mechanisms, hypercoagulability and bleeding. Moreover, understanding these aspects with regards to how they impact the blood clotting process plays a significant role in the diagnosis and treatment of related disorders. In this case, the paper presents an annotated text of a case study highlighting typical disorders associated with hemostatis.

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In this case study, Leona, the patient develops deep vein thrombosis as a result of a long-flight trip. This can be attributed to various factors such as the hypercoagulability as well as thrombus development risk. Basing on the hypercoagulability risk factors, immobility qualifies as the major contributing element since Leona had to endure prolonged hours in a sitting posture. The effect of this is that blood flow is constrained in the venous system and as such posing risk to DVT. Moreover, the main mechanism of endothelial activation is gravely impacted as is manifested in local hypoxia due to the interaction of the endothelium with circulating blood cells and cytokines. It is also of critical importance to note that in most cases of DVT manifestation of symptoms is not possible as the clot is formed in the deep vein and relatively small however, where the case involves large clots, as is the case with Leona, the leg swells and the patient experiences pain and soreness.

In haemostatis, platelets play a major role of ensuring the clotting process has been achieved by forming the first line of defense however, their functional scope goes beyond and can be experienced to a greater extent in terms of how they influence conditions such as atherosclerosis. This is due to their ability to facilitate anti-inflammatory properties in highly inflamed areas by interacting with the endothelial cells, leukocytes and progenitor cells. In Leona’s case, the platelets are able to trap and eliminate pathogens by triggering the formation of neutrophil extracellular traps as manifested in the sepsis. Also, due to the constrained blood flow, the platelets are able to exhibit increment in various properties such as adherence, adhesiveness and smooth muscle proliferation (James, Cooper & Paidas, 2015).

It is imperative to note that atherosclerosis and immobility promote changes in blood coagulation. This can be understood from the contexts of platelet aggregation and adherence as far as the former is concerned while the latter increases procagulation thus contributing towards hypercoagulability. Moreover, when Leona was being treated, she was administered with heparin therapy as opposed to tablets. This is because the drug cannot be absorbed through gastrointestinal system thus the only suitable form of administration would be either through intravenous infusion or injection.

In conclusion, there are various disorders associated with hemostatis however; the factors leading to the manifestations of their associated symptoms can be controlled through respective therapy. In Leona’s case for instance, she could have practiced in-flight exercises in order to enhance blood flow as well as reduce the risk of contracting DVT.

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