Book Review The Legacy by Sean T. Smith: A Thrilling Sci-Fi Story

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The Legacy begins with an entity called Nwarht. Starting in the year 33,000 B.C. in Central Africa. He awoke to bitter cold; he had crashed his capsule, and as soon as his mind began to function, Nwarht knows he must find shelter.

We are introduced to Kelly and Jessica in Claremont, California, on Sept 14th, 2046. They are roommates. Kelly is an artist and Jessica at 23 has a Ph.D. in microbiology and is finishing up a Master's degree in anthropology. Jessica is now studying theoretical physics while being a part-time professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Jessica firmly believes that there is insufficient proof of the connection between humans and early man. Her friend Kelly is one of the few people she can talk to about it.
Jessica also talks to Bryce Costa, who is a field trained geologist, well-versed in earth sciences and chemistry. He is working on nano-bots infused with silver, which once inserted into the human body, would eradicate all infections. Both Jessica and Bryce are highly educated and intelligent, just as well as they are presently in a battle to save all mortal existence.

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J.W. Duarte is a victim of a test impulse. He crashes his 550Ze airplane, loses a leg and an arm but is saved by a mysterious stranger in a spaceship. The stranger and the spacecraft are so advanced that J.W.'s arm and leg are regrown in 24 hours. The benefits are a little more extensive than regrowing the arm and leg, but J.W. will have to live with that. J.W. was Jessica's date in Las Vegas. Jessica's Dad, the director of the NRC and the person responsible for destroying all the earth's nuclear material, is also in on the fight.

The plot of the Legacy is about an attempt to annihilate the earth with a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (the combined force of all the nuclear weapons that were once on earth). The book is exciting and complicated and uses our current technology and the author's superb attempts at estimating what the technology will look like in the future. The evil entity tests the EMP impulse process, and that's where all our highly educated people get to work with the stranger. He calls himself David and has been alive for 175,000 years. David’s mission is to prevent an old and sinister force from destroying humanity. Also, there is a theory in the book that the Big Bang could not have happened, thank-you Sean T. Smith for that.

The writing is fast-paced, with many experiments/adventures happening all the time. We are embroiled in the technology as if we were those highly educated people and we were part of saving the world. There is also humor: as the Air Force is also monitoring nuclear explosions, even though all earth’s nuclear material has been destroyed. The solitary watcher — bored to death for most of the time — becomes anything but bored as the test impulse is felt. The well-developed characters include Rick Wilkins an Astrophysicist and Sarah Ruben engineer extraordinaire on Luna Base Alpha. Everyone's advanced skills and quick thinking are needed to outwit the evil one. There is a substantial discussion on how it is that humans developed as such an incredibly accelerated pace. And another debate on the pros and cons of being immortal.

I rate the Legacy 4 out of 4 stars because it is believable, fast-paced, and satisfyingly just within one's grasp to understand. I do not rate it 3 out of 4 stars because it is well written, and I found no errors. I recommend it to people who like Sci-fi/Fantasy and current technology. I used not to read Sci-fi/Fantasy until I realized it is so often based on human psychology and is therefore fascinating to me. So, everyone might want to try this Sci-fi/Fantasy with its terrific mixture of personalities, and plot.

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