Article II of the Bill of Rights: Bearing Arms

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In accordance with the article II of the Bill of Rights, “[the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”, which is believed as that every citizen of the US has a right to keep and carry weapons. However, the events in Las Vegas, when a lone criminal shot almost 60 people, sparked another round of discussion in American society on the issue of restricting the free sale and bearing of weapons. Despite the fact that blood events have dramatically risen recent years, many US citizens still believe and protect their constitutional right to keep and carry arms. Undoubtedly, there are some advantages and disadvantages of how the article II of the Bill of Rights affects to American’s life. 

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A lot of people say that there is an unwritten law among people: “Got a gun – shoot”, which means that you have to shoot. It’s impossible to scare with arms. Weapons require mandatory aggression from the opposite side. My constitutional law professor when I was in a bachelor degree and studied constitutional rights of people from many states, once said: “If a gun is pointed at me, I feel fear. If this gun is not used, then I will pick it up, I have pistols and even more aggression.” The main thing that people are afraid of is uncontrolled shooting and mass sales to right/left. It is worth considering that this is already happening - the black arms market is booming. The pistol, which will go on sale officially, will first be registered in an authorized body. So, if he lights up somewhere, finding the owner will be easy. Those who want to get around this moment bypass it now.

For the free sale and bearing of firearms advocate those who are faced with the inability of the security forces to protect its citizens. Also, the one of the main arguments of the defenders might be that in the hands of the Americans there are enough legal weapons. For example, hunting rifles. Free sale and bearing arms are not needed in order to attack, but as an additional chance for protection when one of the millions of unregistered weapons wants to use it against you.

For me as the one who is from one of the youngest states (Kazakhstan got its independence twenty-eight years ago), it is a great honor and possibility during the study in BU to know about US history, legal system and be familiar with US citizen’s constitutional rights. I suppose that the right to keep and bear arms, which is provided by US Constitution looks reasonable, but due to many recent blood accidents occurred, when many inadequate and psychologically injured teenagers and adults massively kill peaceful people, government shall intervene and protect its citizens. That is why in my opinion the right to keep and bear arms is the most pressing constitutional issue facing the United States today.

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