Anger Is a Natural Emotion in Human Behavior

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Anger is a human emotion that is normal to experience. Everyone feels outrage at various occasions, to fluctuating degrees. It's merely a part of the human expertise. Sentiments of displeasure can emerge in various settings. Encountering unfair treatment; being criticised; or essentially not getting what you need are but rather a couple of the potential triggers. The experience of displeasure can run from a delicate irritation, to dissatisfaction, as far as possible up to fuming rage. Although anger is a natural emotion, it’s a good idea to look for ways to work with it so that it doesn’t escalate into something bigger. In order to address the issue, there has to be an understanding of what fueled it in the first place. There are things that gets me angry now which are the same things that I had an issue with as a kid. 

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A few of the things that caused and still causes me to be angry is when I can’t find something that I need or just want, when I can’t seem to understand something in class or even after studying and the feeling of getting taken advantage. For example, if I can’t find important documents, specific pair of jeans or even my eyelash glue it gets me really pissed off. I struggle a lot in math so I lose my patience quick when I’m not comprehending the material and because of the type of person I am, I get used a lot. 

As a young adult, I became more aware of what my options are and how to handle certain situations. In order to reduce my anger reactions and to control it I can be more organized since being disorganized makes me lose my mind. For example, not being able to find important documents, a specific pair of jeans or even my makeup happens due to not placing my things where they belong. When it comes to school, I can lower the chances of me feeling angry if I seek tutoring or asking the professor or my class peers to explain the material to me in a different way. Another way to defuse my anger when it comes to feeling like I’m getting taken advantage of is addressing how I feel to the person or by also thinking more positive about the situation. 

Sometimes overthinking and being negative can make things worst so by doing less of that, it can help me feel better or not as upset about the situation. Looking for the roots of anger is an important step that can help prevent or lessen the feeling of indignation. Anger is something that we all feel and is universal. Everyone goes through obstacles in life and emotions are one of those obstacles. It is an emotion that is impossible to avoid but can be something positive or negative depending on the circumstances. If anger becomes better understood, more resources will be accessible. 

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