Analysis of the Military Model of Israel Defense Force

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Israel is relatively small and is surrounded by states with unique issues and security concerns. With the establishment of the Israel Defense Force (IDF), Israel’s defense capabilities were tested through a series of security issues. From the War of Independence to the Six Day War, the country’s overall security was endangered. Located in a fragile region, Israel made it a point to establish a garrison state to ensure security, RAND_RR1888. An armed forces with a large reserve from conscription ready for mobilization was a self-explanatory national standard. It was at this point that the Israeli’s knew they were fighting not just for the integrity of the state, but the existence of the people.

Succeeding the establishment of the Israel Defense Force, the Defense Service Law was enacted with the purpose of authorizing mandatory military enlistment for nationals in and out of the country. It provides the rules and regulations that constitutes the mandatory enlistment under the IDF which includes Jews, Druze, and Circassians. From 3 years compulsory military service for men and 2 years for women it was amended to 32 months for both men and women in 2014. In the same manner, women are provided similar opportunities as men provisioned under the Equality amendment of the military service law.

Regardless of gender, any eligible citizen may enlist for military training. It is because compulsory military training in Israel is also considered as a means to integrate, gather, and unify people from different cultural, religious, and political backgrounds. Together with military training, conscripts of the IDF are also provided opportunities for education, skills training, and acquisition of expertise. The ability of Israelis to solve problems and network through conscription was linked to the growing economy of the country, thus, contributing to nation-building efforts.

The most prominent citizen army due to its battle-tested and battle-ready defense capabilities, the IDF can be mobilized in about 72 hours upon request for assistance. Mandated to uphold the country’s national security objectives which includes defending sovereignty and territorial integrity, deterring enemies, and suppressing terrorism, Israel has proven itself adamant to deal with the defense sector. There is an evident initiative to innovate, adapt to the differing circumstances affecting security environments, and take risks. In 2018, about 4.3% of Israel’s GDP was allocated on defense funding with a demand for long term increases on defense spending 18, 27 In line with the drive to innovate, Israel also takes into account the use of extensive research and development. The first to make use of cutting edge technology such as the Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UVG), economic costs of the military was allocated to the training program of the people.

The Israel Defense Force constitutes three types of service – regular, permanent, and reserve – and the IDF ensures that military training is approached holistically where socio-cultural, recreational, education, and personal support services are provided to conscripts. It made possible the rapid mobilization of regular troops and reserves in cases of emergency. There are trained conscripts who are able to fill in specific and special tasks when needed in the same way that women are trained not just for military but career development they can use even after their military service. Upon completion, conscripts are provided with a unit they are assigned to. Israeli conscripts are not just well-trained, but well equipped and it is ensured by the IDF through a series of post-service trainings. In cutting down economic constraints, the IDF has developed an interactive software in training and preparing soldiers for battle.

As one of the world’s military model, the Israel Defense Force boasts a defensive strategy with an offensive attack through the mobilization of a massive armed force when war breaks out. Rooted in three fundamental values – defense, patriotism, and human dignity and 10 concurring values – Israel has demonstrated its commitment to develop, modernize, and take extra measures to ensure the IDF’s readiness and capability in maintaining its security posture. Indeed, the IDF has served to be Israel’s core and means for survival. Therefore, in the case of Israel, the contributions that the IDF has given to the state makes it almost impossible to fully abolish conscription.

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