Analysis of President Barack Obama as a Leader

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  1. Leadership traits
  2. Leadership style
  3. Conclusion

Successful leaders possess distinct traits and qualities that set them apart. One such leader is Barack Obama, who exemplifies several key leadership characteristics. Inspirational communication, unwavering conviction, and a willingness to take risks are among the qualities that have contributed to Obama's success. Furthermore, Obama's charismatic leadership style, combined with his adeptness at connecting with people and leveraging psychological principles, has enabled him to make a lasting impact on society. To analyze Barack Obama as a leader, this essay explores his leadership traits and styles, highlighting its effectiveness.

Leadership traits

As a leader, there must have some leadership traits and qualities that made him as a successful leader. The first traits is Inspirational Communication. A person can’t become a good leader without a great communication skills or a great communicator. Communication is an essential life skill for anyone and everyone. And as a good communicator not only limited on just become a good speaker. Besides, the listening, writing, and reading skills are also important to become a good listener so that he can become a good speaker. For example, President Barack Obama is rightly considered an exemplary communicator. Mr. Obama is a leader that he can and he knows how to talk to any kind of people, any group and the audience without seeing of their background, age, race, gender and so on. And that’s where he is really worth it all the compliment for being an perfect person that having the art of communication. In 2004 at the democratic convention, Obama told the story of his parents his ‘audacity to hope’. At that time, he was a complete unknown, but at the end of his speech, he had created many followers. (Robert Hewes, N.D.)

Not only that, Barack Obama have conviction and perseverance. Obama always has attic faith that if something is really true and if you think you are true track then you surely can impact others. This may take some time but finally you will become success. Besides, he also talked with logic and knew his job well in influencing people and other leaders so that his point of view was understandable. (Leon Ho, 2018)

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Lastly, Barack Obama also dare to taking risks. Take risk is very common in the society that many people do when it comes to something about their work or the professional life. Take risks, not really suitable for everyone. So this is the reason why mostly the successful people are the ones who dare to take risks in their life. But it’s certainly not that simple to taking risk. In his book the “The Audacity of Hope” Obama had mentioned that he took a big gamble by running for the presidency even his friends have advised otherwise in the wake that he terribly lost the primaries for the 2004 presidential race. Besides, Obama also always tell and urged people around him and tell to the public about taking risks, although calculated ones in the start. (Robert Hewes, N.D.)

Leadership style

Barack Obama is a Charismatic leader. The charismatic leadership style relies on the charm and persuasiveness of the leader. Charismatic leaders are driven by their convictions and commitment to their cause. Besides, a charismatic leader must able to communicate well to everyone especially with his followers. 

When Barack Obama won the election by persuading the journal’s outnumbered conservative staffers that he would treat their views fairly, which he is extensive acknowledged to have done. Later when he elected to Congress in 1996, despite a Republican-controlled state senate, he was able to develop and maintain cordial personal relations with lawmakers from both the Republican and the Democratic party, and as a result, he “was able to get campaign finance reform and crime legislation enacted even when his party was in the minority”. (Ecoggins, 2016 )

Other than that, President Barack Obama take advantage of many psychological notions and theories to connect with the American public, and to impact their values and perceptions of several social and political issues and the purpose is to move the country forward and make social, economic, and political progress. He guide by the example and his ability to forge respectful relationships even with those who were opposed to his political is nothing short of commendable. (John Antonakis, M. F. , 2012) 


Barack Obama's leadership style is characterized by his charismatic nature and ability to connect with others. His persuasive and inclusive approach has won over conservative individuals, lawmakers from both parties, and the American public. Obama's adeptness at utilizing psychological notions and theories to shape values and perceptions has been instrumental in driving social, economic, and political progress. Additionally, his exemplary ability to establish respectful relationships, even with those who oppose him politically, speaks volumes about his leadership effectiveness. By embodying traits such as inspirational communication, unwavering conviction, risk-taking, and charismatic leadership, Barack Obama has left a profound impact on society and serves as an inspiration for aspiring leaders around the world.

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