All That Thanksgiving Means To Me On Break

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Beep, Beep. The food timer goes off in our kitchen. The turkey must be done cooking. Thanksgiving is finally here, I think. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and the reason I enjoy it so much is because it brings family and friends together.

My grandmother, or Nana, as my siblings and I call her, walks in the door. Her hair whips around her face and her long, black coat with the shiny buttons I adore dances in the breeze. She says hello and drapes her coat over the honey colored chair. I notice what is in her frail hands. ‘Here,’ she says. ‘It’s a little present for our family.’ I take it and call my father into our homey little kitchen. He gives my grandmother warm thanks and unwraps it. The sparkling tissue paper crinkles and cracks as my father’s hands reveal a jar of trail mix as colorful as a watercolor painting. As I am handed the jar, the nuts and sweet candies inside jiggle and shake. I can’t wait to try the trail mix. Mmm, I smell something simply delicious. It’s the aroma of the turkey being pulled out of the oven. My stomach grumbles in response to the delectable smell.

I sit down as the turkey is placed on the countertop. My mouth waters. This turkey is the color of honey and the kitchen lights gleam off its perfect surface. The sweet potato casserole slouches in its dish. Its crunchy surface reminds me of a mountain range: bumpy and rocky. I glance at the cranberry sauce as it jiggles. As my mother carries it over to the table, I imagine it slipping and sliding off of the plate. I shudder. ‘Let’s say what we’re thankful for now,’ I comment as my family members sit down. Most of us say that we are thankful for having a family. My father mentions something that I forgot about. He is thankful that everyone in our family is healthy and well. ‘Time to dig in!’ my brother Jamie shrieks, as he grasps the spoon for the sweet potato casserole.

After everything is said and done, I realize how much I enjoyed that Thanksgiving. It also occurred to me that you don’t have to have your all of the extended family over to celebrate Thanksgiving. You can enjoy this special holiday even if it’s just your small family. That is what matters the most to me.

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