African Art: West African Sculpting 

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West African sculpting greatly influenced us today because lots o people still do it like when Pablo Picasso recreated the style of west African art he created it like they would some real some supernatural and exaggerated on some body parts after Pablo Picasso shared his art in museums it began to spread it stretched to the states in 1914. It still influences what we do today because we still recreate west African art. Many artists like to take a picture of something and recreate it in their own way, in this case, African sculpting. 

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Here is one artist that was very influenced by West African sculpting Pablo Picasso, a famous artist “The paintings of this great artist produced from 1906 through 1909 were greatly influenced by African sculpture. This period of his artwork is referred to as his African Period (also referred to as his Black Period). Although this is not one of his most famous periods it was an important period for the recognition of African art.” The history of West African sculpture. 

The process of creating west African sculpture is they mostly used wood and used knives to carve the wood they created their sculptures mostly with this a unique style they like to add some natural and some supernatural in the sculpture they also exaggerated on some of the body parts. The uses for these sculptures are some are sacrificed to a god or gods most of them have to do with spiritual beliefs and tell stories. The medieval impact of west African sculpting is that people could show appreciation in their god or gods something that they sacrificed and spent time making the sculpture. 

Some are also household items to be used as fashion. It also influenced the world because it is like a regular sculpture but with a different style, you may have never seen the West African style before. West African sculpting has changed a little bit because people still do it but most artists don't do it exactly do it and leave out some important things that makes it a west African sculpture when they leave out those details they like to put their own touch on it make it different so most west African art is not the same how it use to be but it’s still the same concept but there are getting the idea from a regular West African sculpture. 

As I mentioned before, West African sculpting has influenced many of the art that we see today. Famous artists such as Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso are examples of artists who were inspired by African art and created their own pieces. I hope artists will continue to be inspired by west African sculpting and continue to show their art for years to come.    

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