Acting vs Lying: Acting as a Way of Lying or Its Own Entity

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Acting and lying are two rather distinguishable things with a few remarkable similarities. Such as how both can hold a truth, whether concealed within the context, or scattered in amongst the words spoken. Along with how the quality and technique of the action vary from person to person. Although despite these similarities the two still are not the same. There are plentiful differences that the two hold that truly keep them separated, and in their own way add to the gray line between the two. Still the question remains which is better lying or acting, and I believe the answer is acting. The reasons being in how they are informed, the truth hidden in both, and where either action is executed.

Acting is perceived all over as an ability that many should master. So much so that in almost any town or city you can encounter at least one location willing to teach instruct both the elderly and adolescents. Whereas with lying you would be fortuitous to locate a video willing to teach you to be a semi-good liar or some limited online source. Also if someone wished to find any place with likeminded individuals to learn about the skill that is lying, they would have next to no chance. Luckily though if some young mind wanted to gain and improve their acting skills they could even go to their local public school and take the courses offered over acting. There are schools all over the world that offer to teach acting to anyone who is involved, will put in lots of hard work, and are possibly willing to pay the right price. There are even prestigious world-recognized schools that focused solely on the art of performing and acting. Besides the fact that acting is such and commended skill that often praised if it is done correctly. Yet still with lying it’s often looked down upon especially when done well enough no one could tell you weren’t telling the truth.

Acting often has some truth hidden amongst each performance. Sometimes it’s hidden and meant to make all who watch wonder and question about its true context. Whereas with lying the truth maybe amongst the act of lying, but it gets tainted by the lies themselves. Causing everyone, and even the liar themselves at times, to question if the truth really is the truth or is it just another lie. That alone shows such great distinction amongst the two. Lying can wreck the truth in many various ways but acting adds to the truth. Acting can make the truth alluring and exclusive even if it was something originally straightforward and plain. While yes at times acting can ruin the truth and make it far more convoluted than it needs to be, usually it makes it something more. Something people want to grasp and acquire as their own knowledge.

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Now, there is where both acting and lying are performed. When someone thinks of acting and where they may go to enjoy the experience more often than not they will think of the theater. Whereas with lying people tend to have a rather darker image of where it is performed. Usually they think of some unpleasant bar or a tacky casino where characters of ill will are often imagined to be. The truth is that yes you can find people who lie there but you can find liars almost anywhere if you truly search. Anyone can be a liar no matter if they’re your boss, a child, or that welcoming neighbor down the street. Which makes lying even that much worse, because no one can ever truly realize if someone is lying too. Whereas with acting people tend to notice when they’re observing a performance. This is due to the fact they are generally in a theater and have paid an amount to scrutinize the performance.

Finally, there are those who may say that lying is far superior to acting. Such as those who were once a part of the lying society that believed that lying was dying as time passed due to no one truly perfecting the skill. They may counter everything said here with how some believe that acting is just the famous child of lying. Along with how one could lie all the time, and no one be the wiser except for the liar himself. Forming some tangible secret only they know of, makes lying even better than acting. Even how an actor may play their part and recite their lines perfectly and still never know the true meaning of the performance they are creating. Whereas with a liar they know the truth behind almost every word they sad and fact they alter. Yet they are still so wrong in the belief, because even if all that is true there is some grand beauty that acting possess that lying could never hope to shine a light onto.

So, in conclusion, acting is better than lying. Generally, acting and lying are two things that almost the same. Yet, they have their own characteristics inside that make them become very different. The difference may come from the personality, intensity, and also the reason. From the differences, acting is seen as a good thing whereas lying is a negative one. In a simple way, we can say that an actor is the best of liars, but a liar is the worst of actors.

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