Why "The Chosen" Show Faces Backlash Over Pride Flag

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The Chosen is a popular television drama based on the life of Jesus Christ. It was created by director Dallas Jenkins and has garnered a large fanbase for its biblical storytelling. However, The Chosen faced backlash in June 2022 over the use of a pride flag in their merchandise shop. Critics accused the show of promoting sin and betraying Christian values. This sparked heated debate within the show's fandom about LGBTQ inclusion.

The controversy began when some fans noticed The Chosen shop sold pride flag merchandise. The rainbow pride flag represents LGBTQ pride and activism. Some fans criticized The Chosen for "caving to liberal views" and "pushing the gay agenda." Others felt pride merchandise went against the biblical principles the show promoted. There were calls to boycott The Chosen for its perceived endorsement of homosexuality.

Creator Dallas Jenkins Responds

Series creator Dallas Jenkins responded by removing the pride merchandise from their store. In a statement, Jenkins explained his vision for The Chosen was to be welcoming to all people. However, he acknowledged the pride flags caused hurt and confusion among some fans.

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Jenkins clarified that The Chosen was not taking a stance on sexuality or identity issues. He said the show would remain focused on Jesus Christ and biblical truths. The merchandise was meant to show love but instead became divisive and distracting. Ultimately, Jenkins felt removing the pride flags was the appropriate action.

The Chosen controversy mirrors larger debates within Christianity around gender and sexuality. Some Christians believe non-heterosexual identities should be accepted as God-given. Others see LGBTQ relationships as inherently sinful. These divisions have intensified as Western society becomes more accepting of diverse sexualities.

The Chosen prides itself on biblical authenticity but also wants to reach a modern audience. Striking that balance has proven difficult as its fanbase harbors conflicting views. While Jenkins aims for neutrality, even showing generic love for the LGBTQ community has proven controversial. It illustrates the challenges facing faith-based content creators in an increasingly progressive media landscape.

Going forward, The Chosen will likely face continued scrutiny of how it portrays gender, sexuality, and other sensitive topics. While Jenkins removed the pride merchandise, it’s uncertain if the show itself will address LGBTQ identities. There may be pressure from critics on both sides — those who want explicit inclusion and those who want the issue avoided entirely. How The Chosen handles this will impact its future success and relevance.

Regardless of ones' views on sexuality, the pride flag debate exemplifies how divisive these issues remain within Christianity. It highlights differences between expressing God's love and upholding traditional doctrine. The Chosen controversy reveals the delicate line entertainment like this must walk. Managing these contradictions continues to challenge faith-based creators in a polarized era. How The Chosen responds will shape its mission and message in culture going forward.

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