Why Students Should Or Should Not Wear Uniforms

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School uniforms has many advantages and disadvantages so why students should or should not wear uniforms?

 Many schools in the world have their own regulations about the way to wear clothes. Many schools in England and the UK have the rule there the students wear school uniforms, many students thinks that it’s very important to wear school uniforms to preserve the school tradition. In addition there are many students who have negative thoughts and are against school uniforms. The reason why many students don’t want to wear school uniforms is because they don’t feel comfortable in the uniforms. However, wearing school uniforms is better and below you will se many reasons why I think school uniforms could be a good option to use.

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The first reason why students should wear school uniforms is that many peoples struggle with their economy. They don’t have money for new clothes, even though they live in a rich country. So when the students are using the same clothes every day, they seem to be a little bit embarrassed. So how should this help? We can use school uniforms!

There can be a better sense of unity because everyone will wear the same clothes and they will have a single identity. And the school uniforms promotes the school spirit and preserve the school spirit. Also, there will be less competition among children about who has the most expensive or who looks better or is more fashionable.

Secondly, school uniforms has been a very important tradition to many many students. The school uniforms has been a tradition for many hundred of years and we can’t get rid of that tradition because of that someone feels uncomfortable in their uniform. Using uniforms show that kindness and beauty in every student. The boys look stronger and bigger and the girls look more pretty and beautiful in the uniforms. On average, there are more students who want to wear school uniforms than the others who don’t want to wear school uniforms.

Third reason is that wearing uniforms can help every one know that they are students and their school. This is very convenient in many aspects. For instance if a students does lots of good things such as helping old peoples, or returning lost items to the owner, peoples will think that the student is taught very well, and the school that the student is studying is very good at education. With that, the school’s reputation is spread out, which is very helpful for the school. Besides that, when the students does bad things their school will know more easily and have suitable ways to punish them.

In conclusion wearing school uniforms makes the children proud of their school. For children that doesn’t have money to buy new clothes, school uniforms can be an advantage. This is because they don’t need to think about what type of clothes they should wear every single morning when they wake up. School uniforms is also a important tradition to many children in hundreds of years, and this tradition should exist in many more years.

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