Why Is Responsibility Important For Health

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Whose responsibility is it to keep you well?  Yours or the doctors, it is our own bodies, should you not be the one to look after it? or is it simply what a doctors supposed to do? People love to pass there problems on,  but what  people must recognise is that they do not  just vanish. In our society doctors  are expected to fix us and maybe they will once or twice but we are going to keep  needing fixed, become reliant on doctors, just as a baby cub is reliant of their mothers to survive, a natural process, yes,  but one with a major differences, they quickly learn how to take care of them selfs become independent, the step we humans are missing, unless we change our mindset. How are  doctors going to fix every single human being repeatedly. They can’t. We tend to react badly to this with anger, blame, disappointment, and feelings of unjust. We must stop this unfunctional system, that is becoming routine and take more responsibility for our own selfs.

Why is responsibility important for our health? Firstly, its our own bodies, we should take care of it, nurture it into what and how we want it to be, before it gets to the stage were doctors have to get involved. we can stop our own problems before they happen preventing and even reversing some diseases by simply taking our own responsibility and self care into consideration. Through our daily lifestyle, by making small decisions perhaps a few sacrifices we can make huge differences for our well-being this is proven by Deepak Chopra, people don’t understand this straight forward fact. Small differences have big effects. people aren’t trying to help themselves before going to the doctors, “but its fine, they will take care of it”, these people are putting nothing towards helping themselves and getting no consequence so there is nothing preventing them repeating this scenario. Food, exercise, meditation, sleep and taking time for yourself, are just five of many thing that serially helps you to achieve radical well-being. exercise helps to live longer. By meditating regularly prevent stress related diseases which only takes minuets but some how our society can’t fit that in to the day to benefit themselves greatly we have to care more. Just by getting enough natural sleep you can prevent weight gain,weakens the immune system resulting in digestive disorders and some types of cancer. some people are not prepared to pay a penny towards a healthier lifestyle in terms of good fresh real foods, clubs that you enjoy lift your spirits, sport memberships. In Scotland we already get it good, we don’t have to pay for heath care services. People will gladly pay for an expensive perfume ect but wont buy organic. It is essential we priorities our heath. 

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Furthermore, we can try to help and take hare of our selfs before going straight to the doctors by showing an interest investigating understanding researching finding different options not solely believing that doctor is the first and only way. Far too many people blindly showing no concern interest responsibility go to the doctor  trusting completely unaware of what they have just been put on for the rest of their lives, its a get number of how many people leave the doctors clueless. those people probably went in knowing nothing,  to help yourself. It is you, you have the right to know, more importantly you should want to know. Many people don’t put in the effort of finding other ways, and feel they shouldn’t have to. How is going to do it? Again an example of why we must get into the habit of taking more responsibility for your self. 

additionally, there are many alliterative ways of healing and different things work for different people it is very personal and experimentive to find the best thing that works in keeping your body healthy. “Non pharmacological approach can do as much as pills”stated by Harvard-health.harvard.edu.So why do many of us insist that the modern mainstream medicine, allopathic medicine is the right way for all what we should imedetly turn to.western medicine doctors is sientificly based giving medication or surgery to suppress or treat specific symptoms often resulting in discomforting side effects, where as holistic eastern, alteritive medicine focuses on the entire person and attempts to heal any imbalances between the body and mind  “Until relatively recently all our medicines were derived from plants and herbs… used for relieving pain and other ailments for 1000’s of years that was the way.”- P. Johnson. There are numerous healing solutions such as; spirituals hands on healing Asclepius the god of medicine was taught this,chines medicines acupuncture, moxibustion, various massage, cupping, Ayurveda medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy “many french doctors practise homeopathy but put its supposed benefits down to the placebo effect help cut down on antibiotics and other pharmacology which is notoriously over consumed”-the Economist.We must find what is best for us in order to take care of our selfs.

On the other hand, doctors have the knowledge but does that mean we give up trying cause they know  everything about everyones body you know your own body they have learned about the average person. you are different you could help them to understand you more so the results will be better if the treatment is personalised to you. Doctors have had at least 7 years of training learning they will have learned an afalw lot but only down this one modern way of healing that has token off in our culture very good but just cause something is popular docent mean it soots you. we must not have the mind set that we don’t know enough so we can’t do any thing about it and doctors know best. They are very nolegeble but only in one very direct path. They may give you options but you must be aware there is others you have a choice, and that its your responsibility to find them cause they have not been educated in different way of healing so of course they’ll suggest and recommend what they know, they are profetoinal and want to help they would never even think of recommending they any way that they didn’t know cause there is lot that they do, and they’ll just stick with that as there is so much trust and blame put on doctors case people pass there responsibility on to them and then will complain blame if something doesnt work and cover up that they didn’t want anything to do with it as putting full trust into the doctors and being disappointed. don’t understand? People should really consider their own responsibilities to their health and stop passing the blame onto doctors.

Pinaltimately, doctors are reliably there for you, were as your self may go through some ruff paches in life and struggle to properly take care of your self, accidents can happen and its sometimes urgent and nececery to do something, get help and in our society you would turn to the doctors as they are conveniently there and able to help an extrodenary mass of people but this handy system is being miss used as people go so commonly and frequently for minor thing that they should be taking care in the first place and then researching and working out ways to heal them selves improve their lifestyle so it dose not happen again but instead they turn up to the doctors and dump there problems and walk away.the health care services can’t cope with this it will crumble as to many people are using it. In developing countries ageing populations growing. Even if you are taking great care of your self things can still go wrong some things you can’t avoid like hereditary diseases and then doctors are there. only five percent of disease are fully penetrant which means ninety-five percent is under our control up to our health.

To conclude doctors aren’t baby sitters its not there responsibility or fault if something happens to you. I believe that we should use doctors for more urgent and stressing issuer and take our own responsibility for what happens to our bodys, explore and discover the best ways for you. we should work along side our doctors or what ever we have chosen and i recon that would be the best out come.

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