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A Reckless Time of the Civil Rights Movement in We Real Cool

The work of American poet Gwendolyn Brooks is influenced by the circumstances and experiences of the Civil Rights Movement (Brooks and Gayles 4). The Movement involved segregation among the Caucasian community and the African Americans. A prime example was the case of Brown v. Board...

The Poetry of Gwendolyn Brooks and Her Contribution to American Heritage

The poetry of Gwendolyn Brooks, which was influenced by her personal background and by the Harlem Renaissance literary period, has contributed to the American Literary Heritage. Ms. Brooks works are truly amazing. They have very profound meanings ahd you have to truly understand her writings...

The Theme of Actions and Their Consequences in the Poems of Gwendolyn Brooks

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According to author Kenny Jackson Williams, during Gwendolyn Brooks’ school years she had attended three different high schools and 1 college all with different racial standards. Being able to attend all of these schools, Brooks was able to experience many different environments and events to...

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