Types Of Stroke And Lifestyle To Overcome It

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Stroke likewise called a brain attack is a brain injury that is brought about by an abrupt disruption of blood supply to the cerebrum (brain). It happens when part of the cerebrum does not get the required blood flow for one of two reasons: either the blood supply to some portion of the brain is instantly intruded, or because a blood vessel in the brain burst and the blood enters the neighboring areas. When either of these things occurs, brain cells begin to die and brain injury take place. At the point when brain cells die during a stroke, skills carried out by that part of the brain are lost. Some of these abilities include talking, movement, and memory. Stroke is a health crisis that can affect people of all age groups including children and infants. There are three main types of stroke. These are called ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke, and transient ischemic attack (a warning sign of a future stroke).

Ischemic stroke results when blood moves through the artery that delivers oxygen-rich blood to the cerebrum becomes obstructed. Blood clots generally cause the blockages that lead to ischemic strokes. Hemorrhagic stroke results when an artery in the cerebrum leaks blood or breaks open. The leaked blood puts too much pressure on the cerebrum (brain) cells, which damages them. The transient ischemic attack is sometimes called a mini-stroke due to the fact that blood flow to the brain is obstructed for just a brief timeframe; usually no more than five minutes.

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Additionally, I also learned from my pathophysiology course that some symptoms of stroke rely on what section of the brain is injured. In some cases, someone may not notice that he or she has had a stroke. Signs normally develop immediately and without warning, or they may occur intermittently for the first day or two. Signs and symptoms are typically very bad when the stroke first occurs, however they may gradually get worse. If the stroke is caused by bleeding in the brain, a migraine may happen. The migraine begins abruptly and might be serious; it occurs when lying flat, awakens someone up from rest, and gets worse when a person changes position or when one is bent overstrain, or hack. I also learned that there are risk factors that one can control to reduce the symptoms of a stroke. Example of these factors includes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, atherosclerosis, alcohol use, smoking, and obesity.

Some lifestyle changes that can be made include the following:

  1. Stop smoking. Smoking among other things destroys blood vessel walls, speeds up the blocking of arteries, increases blood pressure, and makes the heart work harder.
  2. The consumption of alcohol use. Alcohol use has been associated with stroke in many studies. For example, consuming large amounts of alcohol may increase the risk of stroke. If you drink, you can drink in moderation.
  3. Obesity and excess weight puts pressure on the entire circulatory system. Obesity also makes individuals more liable to have elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes all of which can increase the risk for stroke. One should implement healthy eating habits and increase physical activity to help decrease stroke attacks.
  4. Know and control your blood pressure. High blood pressure makes the heart pump harder to move blood throughout the body. This can weaken blood vessels and damage vital organs such as the brain. High blood pressure can result in stroke if left untreated. Elevated cholesterol is a greasy substance in the blood that the human body produces on its own, however, it also derives from fat in foods. High levels of cholesterol in the bloodstream can block arteries and cause a stroke or heart attack. One should maintain a diet low in calories, salt, saturated and trans fats, and cholesterol.

Stroke destroys brain cells and the amount of destruction and the severeness can differ immensely. At one time it could be physical activity affected, yet at the other memory and reasoning are lost. The outcome will always be the death of the sufferer from the attacks of the stroke. We can all have better health from exercising more and a healthier diet.

I trust that by reading this letter, you are now knowledgeable about this disease and will be able to make lifestyle changes to help you from suffering another stroke attack.

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