Theme of Hope In 'The Old Man and The Sea'

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The tale reveals the central reality about life that hope is always better than misery. The saga of an ageing Cuban fisherman and his survival with hope in the grueling life span. Different altitudes come into the light where it seems that it is a tale about an old man and the fish, on the other side it describes the story of a persona versus nature. It contains the essence of fearlessness, courage and the ethos of menfolk. The antiquity of how life was like when people were more the main performances instead of firms and entities on the humanoid platform.

Santiago is an old fisherman, likes baseball and Gran Ligas is his faith. His life becomes painful when after spending 84 days he got nothing, not a single catch. He goes far away, find a huge marlin which is 18 foot long, and then the war starts, the marlin grafts the little boat and fisherman distant out to sea. After two days of continuous struggle, Santiago victories the fight, but lost the reward as on the way to home, sharks prey the fish. He comes home, injured and tired, go to sleep and dream about his childhood memory: lions playing on an African beach.

The writer rejoices the valor and bravery gluttons of the old man, unfolding a while in Casablanca when the whole day consumed in an arm wrestling competition with an even greater man in a coastal pub. The notion of courage, being alone, severe and bravery was also highlighted by Hemingway. Another aspect of the story is, to being alone, was not the own choice of the old man. He has friends, functioning linkages, affection with a little boy that starts fishing with him at the age of five. With the passage of time, the boy moved to another successful boat on the parents’ request, still having a little wish in his heart to work with Santiago. At the time of war with a huge marlin, Santiago begs again and again: “I wish the boy were here.”

As we are living in a city today enjoy comfort and ease of the modern facilities. A life style far different from strict

hostilities with nature. Still the story strengthens me to evoke and admire the individual, the effort for the elementary survival, the fight with the flora for basic existence. But above all, it makes one to understand the significance of persona and the splendor of ability, talent, courage and fortitude. The anecdote written with unbelievable treasure of words and explanation without neglecting the spirit of supremacy and inner forte of the old man which proves that “A man can be destroyed but not defeated.” It is a beautiful story packed with sea salt and moisture, lure and cocktail of the Havana coast describing the ultimate verity of human life: in the realm of instability, from the first to the last inhalation of human being, in the ups and downs, through the victories and snares the only thing left is hope.

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