The Use Of Sharp Training In The Army

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Throughout many generations one main key factor hinders the relations among colleagues. Sexual harassment and or assault is commonly known as the top conflict in the Army. It is reported that a little over eighty percent of military personnel has experienced and or caused encounters involving sexual harassment first hand. Although SHARP provides regulations and training to prevent such conflicts sexual harassment comes from a cultural/societal upbringing. Due to different cultural views, religions, and lifestyles sexual harassment has transgressed far beyond ceasing. As an NCO, you should be accountable for furthering yourself and your team’s knowledge in sensitive subjects such as sexual harassment through SHARP.

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All across the world men and women in the army have been victimized by sexual harassment. In some circumstances, the verbal trait of sexual assault has transgressed from guardian to off spring. Young adolescents tend to develop a hereditary mindset implanted from their susceptible maturing. Due to such susceptible minds adolescents tend to mimic the mind set taught by their guardians. “The rise in sexual assault is focused in the 17- to 24-year-old demographic” (Rempfer 1). Within today's society sexualizing can be viewed as a form of playful banter, most likely inherited from a domestic environment. Such traits can also be inherited from environmental lifestyles. Within the ranks of the United States Army social groups can lead to harassment among its members. It is a well-known fact that within the ranks of the army there are higher numbers of men compared to women. Due to the rise in numbers men can tend to develop sexual aggression towards women. Yet, in some cases sexual harassment can mearly be playful banter among male to male soldiers or vice versa.

Although training and regulation courses have been placed in order to minimize and terminate sexual harassment they have failed to accommodate the social environment. Most sexual harassment courses and or correction therapy are designed to reprimand the official responsible for the misconduct. Unfortunately, reprimanding the guilty party might not always have a positive outcome and can lead to an unhealthy work environment. According to the DOD Annual Report “survey results found a positive correlation between unhealthy workplace climates and the risk of sexual assault” (Stewart 4). A solution to helping the cause would be to have all NCO’s attend a SHARP lecture in order to become a subject matter expert. By doing so their soldiers or even leaders can become properly informed about SHARP and the repercussions in the event someone was sexually harassed. Allowing NCO’s to further their education in sensitive matters such as sexual harassment reporting and recognize sensitive incidents will become easier.

In reality soldiers rely on their teammates and or their leaders in any and all situations. By further educating NCO’S and their soldiers the army is providing a way for men and women to coexist without feeling sexualized by their fellow comrades. Allowing sensitive information to be properly understood will allow the teams to be unified without resentment, negative attitudes, and or gender inequalities. SHARP will allow teams to adjust to the advancement of both military and civilian societies without victimizing the parties involved.

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