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Power Of Storytelling In Medusa Myth, The Turn Of The Screw, And The Notebook

Storytelling remains significant in our contemporary society as it connects us to our humanity, providing a glimpse into our future. There are many unique stories which add to the legacy that we are a part of, helping us to define who we are. My opinion...

Delusion or Reality Dilemma in The Turn Of The Screw

In the novella The Turn Of The Screw there are many predictions interpreted by scholars who have read and thoroughly analyzed it, that the Governess, whose title has been capitalized due to her not having a given name in the novella, could be blatantly imagining...

The Turn of the Screw: Importance of Motif

Since the publication of Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw, readers have scrutinized the novella because of their inability to untangle its ambiguity. One area that has drawn critical attention is the topic as to whether or not the governess’s narrative is accurate; however,...

A Ghastly Confession of Sexual Repression in The Turn of the Screw

Sexuality runs rampant between the lines of Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw. Though it is difficult to find the sexual implications enlaced throughout the story, one can draw the conclusion that the main character suffers from sexual repression caused by her position as...

How Ambiguity Drive the Narrative of "The Turn of the Screw"

Ambiguity; the mastery of creating several meanings for a single idea. The implementation of deliberate ambiguity in literature often pushes the narrative and is a tactic used to build up suspense. This thesis is evident to be applicable to We Need To Talk About Kevin...

Comparison of Women Representation in The Road and The Turn of the Screw

The role of women in society in The Road and The Turn of the Screw can be seen to subvert the stereotypical social rules. The boy’s mother in McCarthy’s novel is not physically present in the novel and her only reference comes as a retrospective...

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