The Role Of Practicing In The Job Of Social Worker

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I am an international student whose background comes from the education system that is based on theory rather than practical learning. Pursuing masters of social work here has helped me to understand the importance of practical learning. Not only to understand rather reflecting on our practise is important too as it helps us to think about our practise and critically deconstruct skills and responses we developed with a view to develop new theories of practice for the future.

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In addition to that, it also helps us to realize and challenge authenticity of our assumption. Oko (2008) describes the importance of linking theory into practice and affirms that it encourages profound learning rather than surface learning as it promotes critical thinking and logical reasoning. MRC, where I took my placement, strongly believes in building a good space to immigrants and has been supporting their clients in diverse ways by applying strength-based theory and community development theory.

As a social worker, we deal with various clients and respecting their presence is very important. During my placement, I remembered NASW guidelines that we learnt in first semester which directed us to follow and maintain the code of conduct during client dealing and this helped me to deal with them effectively. We as MRC social workers were taught to work for the betterment of our clients but that does not mean to make them dependent on us rather to guide them, and this practice empower clients in various levels. Seeing our clients being self-focused and self-groomed, I feel immensely happy and proud to learn linking theory in practice thus developing my critical thinking & logical reasoning skills. In MRC, our first week was focused on conducting only a project, but with proper guidance from our field educator and supervisor we realized the real importance of theory. Puolter (2005) perceives connecting social work theory into practice as a continued reflective assessment of practice directed by existing theoretical knowledge to learn when and how to include or replace theory and exercise approaches for practice efficiency.

Now, we are organizing a supper safari “Come Dine with Us” event which aims to connect refugees and Australian locals, connecting it with community development theory. Thus, knowledge of theory is helping us to know different approaches and directing our further steps that can be taken. In the process of learning, we have come across different people with different background and knowledge on theory is guiding us to deal with our clients in difficulties. Therefore, applying theory into practice is helping us to have a well-defined and organized framework aiding to efficiently examine cases, develop interventions, and assess results.

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