The Purpose Of Life

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In the poem “O Me! O Life” by Walt Whitman, the poet depicts the speaker life, purpose and his search for identity. Whitman is perceived as one of the greatest, and most influential poets the United States has ever produced. Whitman’s poetry conveys his passionate belief in democracy, equality, and the spiritual unity of all forms of life. Throughout the poem, the speaker utilizes metaphors and repetition to demonstrate why the speaker has value in life and puts the reader within the speaker’s head, therefore, the reader will expertise the sensation of the literary composition and vision of what is happening.

In Whitman poem, the author uses repetition to ask the recurring question. What is my identity? Whitman is troubled over some component of life, and this distress will be an essential inspiration for the whole work. However, that we realize what especially is the explanation behind the regret, and this is the thought that with every one of the battles of life, Whitman also ponders what great can be in the midst of these issues. In the poem, it says “O me! O life! of questions of these recurring”( Lines 1- 2) This statement implies that what are we really here for and what is our true value for the meaning of life itself and for why are we here. In addition to using repetition, Whitman uses a metaphor. That also gives you an answer in the poem. “Answer, That you are here–that life exists and identity,That the powerful play, goes on, and you may contribute a verse. ”(Lines 19 – 22) This statement implies that we do have an identity yet it is disclosing to us what is are reason throughout everyday life and what would we be able to do to discover what it is. As a method for communicating his own A particular viewpoint on the significance of life.

The author offers his conviction that human life is consecrated, and that individuals must recognize what they have. He uses the opportunity to remind perusers that the inspiration driving life is to live. Whitman can convey his law based convictions and underline the significance of workmanship and human articulation. This solid illustration additionally enables Whitman to ground his existential theory in a relatable setting. Ultimately, Whitman poem reminds us that even with intense hardships, failures, and success. It is difficult to lose all sense of direction in the present, and to overlook the master plan: That you are here — that life exists and character. I don’t know for beyond any doubt what we are on this planet to do, yet simply the way that we have the chance to accomplish something is sufficient. ” Therefore explaining that every individual has a purpose throughout life though we need to establish out what it truly is.

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