The Power of Friendship in "Amigo Brothers" by Piri Thomas

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The Power of Friendship in "Amigo Brothers" by Piri Thomas essay
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Sometimes being in a sport such as boxing keeps kids out of trouble. Antonio cruz and Felix vargas have a friendship that is unbreakable and what brought them closer to each other is going to the same boxing gym together everyday. What helps is that they have the same dream of being the light heavyweight champion of the world. When you have a brotherly bond like that, you can do anything together. The author uses Analogy to explain show where the gym is and what street it is. He is trying to give us the exact location of what it looks like and where it is at.

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The friends went to the gym on 10th street and avenue A and the other times at the pros gym on 14th street. Both of the gyms were not in great condition but it was a easy place to get to and good place for them to meet. Piri Thomas uses imagery in the section to show the people a exact and relative location. “The boys worked out,sometimes at the boys club on 10th and Avenue A and sometimes at the pros gym on 14th street”. “Early morning sunrises would find them running along the East River Drive.”

The friends got informed that they had to face of against each other in a light heavyweight match. The boys decided to take a morning jog with each other less than a week before they fight. They jogged about a mile and then looked at each other and realized that they both had something to say to one another. During the conversasion with this two the author uses Alliteration and allusion. “It was not natural to be acting as though nothing unusaul was happening when two ace boon buddies were going to be blasting away on each other in a few days. “Antonio wiped his face with his short towel. The sunrise was now creating day”. “Felix leaned heavily on the rivers railing and stared across to the shore of brooklyn in a long glanced stare.”

When Felix decides to take Antonio to a boxing movie to keep his mind off and things and have a little fun during the movie conflict is used between some characters. “The champion was getting beaten, his face being pounded into raw, wet hamburger. ” In the short sentence when Felix is leaving the theater he was thinking about hyping himself up and he was using alliteration. “When Felix finally left the theater, he had figured out how to pshych himself for tomorrows fight. It was Felix the Champion vs Antonio the challenger”.

This story is a proven fact that if you have a good friend and you both have something common that you and the other person like to do, It will do good for both of you because yall will be some occupied doing that hobby together you will never have time to be with other people or do anything bad that will get you in trouble. The main points are that no matter how difficult a sport can get with two friends if the friends continue to push each other further than they can normally than they can do anything they put there mind to.

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This essay presents an analysis of the story's themes and characters, focusing on the role of boxing in keeping kids out of trouble and fostering friendship. The writer explores how the characters' shared interest in boxing brings them closer and influences their actions. The essay demonstrates an understanding of literary devices like analogy, imagery, alliteration, and conflict, though some instances could be further developed for clarity. While the analysis is insightful, the essay could benefit from a more comprehensive exploration of the characters' motivations and the story's implications. The structure is generally coherent, but more attention to transition and organization would enhance the overall flow.
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Thematic Depth: Explore the characters' motivations and the story's broader implications in more depth. Quote Analysis: Provide deeper analysis of the selected quotes to extract their significance and connect them to the themes. Character Dynamics: Further elaborate on the dynamics between Antonio and Felix, emphasizing how their shared interest in boxing shapes their relationship. Clarity and Elaboration: Expand on points to ensure clear explanations and insights. Introduction Enhancement: Begin with a more engaging introduction that sets the context for the discussion of the story's themes.
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The Power of Friendship in "Amigo Brothers" by Piri Thomas essay

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