The Population's Statistics of the Saudi Arabia

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The Land of Saudi Arabia is a situated in the middle east on the Arabian peninsula. It is a desert country which covers the seashore on the Red Sea and Persian Gulf. In terms of ethnic groups around 90 percent of population in Saudi are Arabs and the rest 10 percent of the population includes Afro-Africans, muslim and immigrants from other parts of the world. The hajj to Mecca has lead to bringing up enormous number of people every year from different parts of the world. The National Language of Saudi Arabia is ‘Arabic. English is considered as the 2nd language in Saudi, However, there are also some other languages which are spoken like- Urdu, Persian, Korean etc among the groups of emigrating workers.

The population has been rising essentially throughout the years. In 2012, Saudi Arabia being the 43rd largest country in the world with the population of 29 million people, and population growth rate of Saudi in 2014 was at 1.49%, however, in 2016 the population rate according to statistics was increased to thirty one million and seven million people lives in the Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia and it consists 22% of the country’s population.The populace is isolated among different age gatherings, the age group of 0-14 comprises of 26.56%, 15-24 years is18.85%, 25-54 years is 46.4%, 55-64 years is 4.86%, 65 years and over are 3.34% of the population.The middle age group of 15-64 makes up the best offer of the all out populace. The estimated birth rates in 2016 were 18.4 births/1,000 population where was death rates were 3.3 deaths/1,000 population. Today, in 2019, the population of the country is around 34.14 million, where as approximately 5 million population of the country are immigrants which includes- workers, tourists etc. In future, it is expected that there will be increase in population of the country. It is probably going to reach 39.1 million by the end 2030 and till 2060 is projected to reach 47.7 million.

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As, Saudi Arabia is considers to be a country of exciting opportunities. The reasons for mentioned demographics changes are firstly, all the big companies of the world are headquartered in Riyadh as its the core of the Arab world. Secondly, Metal and plastic factories are situated around the city, also, there oil companies which are owned by the government are considered as the huge source of employment. Thirdly, Jeddah which is a second largest city in Saudi Arabia provides access to the holy places i.e, Mecca and Madina. It is also a biggest tourist attraction which attracts thousands of people from all over the world.

The male community is considered as a dominant community in Saudi Arabia, whereas the duty of women is to take care of home and family. Life of women in Saudi is quite restricted.They are not allowed to work. They cannot communicate with men who are not close relatives. Also earlier they were not allowed to drive transport vehicle like- cars but however, rule changed in present world, kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now allowing Women to drive. Gender isolation is practised in most of the places such as parks, restaurants. Museums etc, Even at some places the visiting timings for men and women are different. In public transport such as buses women have to enter from different doors and they have to sit in women section. In 2005 according to Sharia’s law women were not allowed to vote or stand for elections but in 2015 women were given the right to vote, Also, they are allowed to work and get paid the same amount as men which shows the changes that took and will take place over the past period of time and will promotes the sign of equality. Allowing casting a ballot rights, building up an amount for ladies on the Shura Council, designating ladies to administration positions, and before long permitting ladies to drive are for the most part gradual and imperative advances in enhancing the privileges of ladies and expanding female investment in the workforce. Generally speaking, Saudi Arabia has made the biggest enhancements for the by and large Global Gender Gap Index in the area over the previous decade.

Saudi Arabia is known for its oil resources and it contains 16% of the worlds’s petroleum reserves.The oil division of Saudi represents generally 87% of spending incomes, 42% of GDP, and 90% of fare profit. Petroleum is one the integral resource which rules the economy of Saudi Arabia.Accept from oil there are other resources as well such as gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, iron, titanium, pyrite, magnesite, platinum,etc, Also, they have nonmetallic resources such as limestone, silica, gypsum, and phosphorite.The gathering place has expanded through and massive seeing that 1976, when the assembly developed the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation in order to widen the economy. Its simple goal was to increase the collecting capability of divisions of the economy related to oil. Starting now and into the foreseeable future makes, many related with Sabic, have covered moved steel, petrochemicals, excrements, channels, copper wire and connection, truck get together, refrigeration, plastics, aluminium things, metallic things, and cement. Little scale endeavours have included warming, printing, and furnishings creating. In terms of trade they export large number of petroleum products all over the world. Saudi Arabia inherited the essential, innate economy of Arabia. large numbers of the overall population were migrants, occupied with raising camels, sheep, and goats. rural creation was confined and subsistent. The kingdom's improvement styles have given native nourishment creation distinctive thought, and also the administration has created endowments and liberal impetuses accessible to the country. business presently contributes simply a touch portion of the Saudi gross domestic product and utilises an identical extent of the men. Saudi Armco is additionally enhancing Saudi Arabia's economy by building up an unrefined oil to substance plant that would create plastics in cooperation with the Saudi Arabian Basic Industries organisation.

In Political Context Monarchy form of government is there in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.The kingdom is administered by King Salman container Abdulaziz Al Saud, who is both head of state and head of government.The Basic Law is closely resembling a constitution, despite the very fact that by its terms the fundamental Law reaffirms that the real constitution of Asian country is that the Koran and also the Prophet Mohammed's way of life. The fundamental Law is separated into 9 sections that address, among different basic subjects, Islam because the state religion; the government and its progression; the components of presidency, together with independence of the legal govt and equivalent access to the courts; social welfare; social equality, counting chance from self-assertive capture and also the quality of the house from arbitrary seek; barrier; outside issues; state funds; and also the financial system. The informative Council Law sets up a committee settled in capital of Saudi Arabia comprised of sixty people and a speaker, all to be selected by the King in consequent decrees. The kingdom is isolated into 13 areas (manāṭiq), which thus are partitioned into various locale. Territorial governors are named, for the most part from the illustrious family, and manage at least one civil chambers, half of whose individuals are delegated and half chose. The governors are in charge of such capacities as back, wellbeing, training, horticulture, and districts. The consultative rule works at all dimensions of government, including the legislature of towns and tribes.The governors go about as local 'smaller than normal rulers', sitting in majlises, hearing complaints and settling debate.

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