The Media & The Physical Torture In Nazi Germany & The North Korea

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In every place and time in the world, there are individuals who want to oppress others in order to get more power. Two of the most effective ways to do this is through words that do not consider the truth or even through physical intimidation. Although the unjust spread lies and uses violence to control people, good people can and do try to stop this injustice by insisting on the truth in the media and people in power. The unjust promote their aims by spreading rumors about their enemies or even physically torturing them.

In Nazi Germany, the head of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, understood the power of ideas. After he took control of the information, he held the technology that can help them to use it as a weapon or to use it to communicate for the other people or country that will help them fight if they needed to (Roth). Goebbels “envisioned an empire that would control universities, film, radio, and propaganda” so that the German minds would be under his control (Roth 1).

For the widespread use for the propaganda is radio for broadcasting were one of the tools of Hitler and the Nazi’s party. They use the radio to hear what is happening in all the Germany and radio can be used as a weapon for others because this is the only thing that can be used to communicate during the hard times of war. In this case, the unjust used rumors and propaganda to promote their aims. Not only do the unjust promote their aims with propaganda, but they may also do so with violence. In North Korea, according to The United Nations report classify about the country’s crimes against the humanity. One of the prisoners in North Korea is Kim Kwang Il he was tortured when he was in prison.

The North Korea’s punishment to prisoners is when they put them in handcuffed in different positions and they were mostly beaten, sometimes the prisoners begin to vomit with blood (Stuart). The “U.N.’s document describes torture chambers equipped with water tanks for submerging prisoners, and hooks in the wall to ‘hang people upside down’ (Stuart 1). North Korea punished their people badly so that they think they will learn their lesson. The investigator in North Korea said that abuses were mainly persecuted because they tried to torture people who are in prison. They tried to show to other people how they treat their people by hurting them and not giving them their own space.

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Here, the North Korean government promotes their unjust aims by physical torture. Even though unjust people often spread lies to get control, good people can resist this injustice by making sure the media and those in power always tell the truth. The social media can help the society or the economy to spread the real news. The media can help other people to avoid the danger that is going towards them because of all the fake news that is spreading in an economy with all the people knowing it (Roth).

“Media outlets should help to highlight the dangerous trends underway. They should also make a special effort to expose and rebut the propaganda and fake news’’ (Roth1). The media will take control of the society by spreading fake news. Although the media is now putting their effort to in propaganda and shows to people how’s the fake news can be good news. Giving people their own privacy in media this can live in good cause for everyone. This can show how they can be trusted in different ways. Media can cause war only when people are affected by the news that other people will spread around the world (Nesbit).

“The mainstream media… depends on how other Republican leaders…and the actual leaders of the dominant media forms in Americans respond” (Nesbit 1). The destruction of the mainstream of the media can give the other people a hope for being in safe from fake news. Although only when the leader of people who are telling fake new can control the response of the Americans that can always give them a positive thought, from being safe from the fake news that is always spread in the society.

In different places in the world would try to take control just to have the power that they need. There are many things in life that can happen in any society, but they are some things that are more important in life and that is the truth and physical terrorized. The unjust will always terrorize people and spread lies to have the power that they needed and even for controlling the people. Therefore good people will be forced or put so much effort to let the injustice stop, buy letting the media and the physical torture stop.

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