The Marriage of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Under the Public Eye

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Marriage is an intimate association between two beautiful souls that are bound to be together. Most people share several decades in their marital relationship, surging marriage crisis and difficulties together, such as the case of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. The lovely couple who married at a very young age has remained together to date as they become one of the longest-married presidential couples in the history of America. The pair are now a role model for many young couples who aspire to have a long marital relationship as theirs. Have you ever wondered how long Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter's marriage have lasted? Then sit tight as we unravel the married life of the politician and philanthropist who served as the 39th United States President.

How Long Have Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Been Married?

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter got married in Plains Methodist Church on the 7th of July 1946 when Jimmy was 21 years and Rosalynn, 18. The pair were neighbors while growing up and having that Jimmy's mother, Lillian Carter worked as a nurse, she helped deliver Will our and Allie Smith's first child who is Rosalynn Carter in 1927. Following the death of Rosalynn's father, she began working alongside her mom to support the family. She successfully completes her high school education and also set plans of attending Georgia State College for women where she intended to study interior design before her relationship with Jimmy took a whole new direction.

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Meanwhile, Jimmy and Rosalynn kicked off a romantic affair in 1945 when Jimmy Carter was entering his final year at the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. Having been seeing a picture of Jimmy on his Annapolis uniform at his family house as she was then, a friend to Jimmy's sister, Ruth Carter, Rosalynn got attracted to him. When she visited Jimmy in the Naval Academy alongside his parents, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter got engaged although she had initially declined his marriage proposal stating that she wanted to fulfil her father's wish for his children to become college graduates.

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter's marriage ceremony took place two years later, just a few weeks after Jimmy's graduation from the Naval Academy. Soon after their wedding, the couple relocated to Norfolk, Virginia where Jimmy was posted for his first assignment as a Navy officer. While they were still residing there, Rosalynn gave birth to their first child, John William Carter who was born on July 2, 1947. Following Jimmy's line of work, the couple resided in many cities including Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New York.

During such time, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter's marriage produced a second child, James Earl 'Chip III' ( born in 1950) as well as their third child named Donnel Jeffrey 'Jeff' (born in 1952). Then in 1953, Jimmy's father fell ill and later died from the illness, as a result, he decided to resign from the Navy to return back to Georgia and take over the family business. The decision didn't go down well with Rosalynn as it caused a rift in Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter's marriage which they have described as the rockest moment of the union.

Nevertheless, Rosalynn joined hands with her husband in running the family warehouse and peanut farm businesses as she took charge of the accounting responsibilities. Following her passion to have another child, it was discovered that Rosalynn had a large tumor in her uterus which prevented her from expanding her family. Twelve years later, she underwent surgery for the removal of the tumor, after which she conceived another child whom she birthed in 1967 and was christened Amy Lynn Carter.

Aside from playing the role of the monarch of Carter's family, Rosalynn Carrer has also played pivotal roles in the political career of her husband as she became the first presidential wife to have her own office in the East Wing, being present in Cabinet meetings and equally giving advice on staff and personnel moves. As a result of a failed re-election bid, the pair returned back to Georgia where Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter's marriage have its root.

In July 2019, the beautiful couple celebrated their 73rd marriage anniversary as they become the second longest-married presidential couple after George and Barbara Bush. Although Jimmy Carter was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, he became the longest living American President in history as of March 2019. Having achieved a long-lasting marital relationship together, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter's marriage success has been attributed to two rules - first is giving each other plenty of space and the second is that they never go to sleep angry as they work hard to get over any argument before going to sleep. The couple is proud parents of 4 children and 21 grandchildren.

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