The Eventful Life of Jimmy Carter, President of United States

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After serving America as its 39th president between 1977 to 1981, Jimmy Carter lost his second bid due to perceived mishandling of certain issues which befell him as the county’s chief executive officer at a period of grave problems both in the US and abroad. Following his defeat, Carter took the decision to move into advocacy and diplomacy, which earned him a 2002 Nobel Prize for Peace. This article will x-ray the former US president’s background, age, presidency and his current enBorn on the 1st of October 1924, the 39th president of the United States of America is a few days away from 95 years. Jimmy Carter’s given name at birth is James Earl Carter Jr. and his place of birth is recorded as the Wise Sanitarium (presently the Lillian G. Carter Nursing Center) located in Plains, Georgia, a medical facility where his mum Bessie Lillian (née Gordy) worked as a nurse. He is named after his dad James Earl Carter Sr. who was highly successful as a local businessman, operating a general store as well as holding investments in farmland. Earl was in active service in the United States Army’s Quartermaster Corps during the First World War as a reserve second lieutenant.

Jimmy Carter is the eldest son of his parents and spent his a major part of his formative years in Plains which had a population of 600 as the time of his birth. However, his family had to move a lot and later settled in a dirt road close to Archery, majorly populated by the poorest of Afro-American families. The Carters later had three more additions to the family namely Gloria, Ruth, and Billy. His family tree says that Carter is a descendant of Thomas Carter – an English immigrant that settled with his family in Virginia in 1635, and several generations of the Carter family settled in Georgia as cotton farmers. Another prominent personality in his lineage is Thomas Cornell, a forbearer of the founder of Cornell University. He is also distantly related to the likes of Bill Gates and Richard Nixon.

Despite the fact that Jimmy Carter’s mum was frequently absent from home because she had to work long hours, they still maintained a good level of closeness. His dad was liberal enough to allow him associate with the children of black farmhands even though he was staunchly pro-segregation. By the time he attained teenage age, Carter was already exhibiting enterprising skills upon receiving his own share of farmland where he proceeded to grow, package as well as sell peanuts, he still purchased and rented some tenant housing.

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On his academics, Jimmy carter joined Plains High School in1937, graduating in 1941, he attended Georgia Southwestern Junior College to study engineering which he continued with the Naval ROTC program studying at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The young Carter later joined the Naval Academy located in Annapolis, Maryland where he commenced studies in 1943. Carter was quite an excellent student, graduating in 1946 among the top of his class. He got married to his childhood friend Rosalynn Smith and they both returned home to take charge of his family business upon the death of James Earl Carter Sr. Jimmy Carter emerged as the 39th president of America in 1977, a position which lasted for only a single tenure and came to end in 1981. However, he previously served as a senator and governor for the state of Georgia.

After he was given a clean bill of health by doctors who previously diagnosed him with cancer in 2015, Jimmy Carter officially returned to work to continue with his 32nd book titled Faith: A Journey for All. The book is a reflection of the significance of spirituality in his personal life as well as its influence in shaping the history of America. March 2018 saw the nonagenarian making media rounds in a bid to promote the release of his latest book, he talked about many of the political topics du jour, and this encompassed some interviews carried out by supposed mistresses of President Trump. Jimmy Carter touched on more crucial political issues, including the need for America to forge stronger associations with North Korea.

On the 21st of March 2019, Carter made the records as the longest living president in the United States at exactly 94 years, 172 days of age. Thus Jimmy Carter exceeded the previous mark set by George H.W. Bush, however, he fell and broke his hip in May which made him to undergo surgery. The 39th president of the United States is in his mid nineties but he is still alive and kicking, there is every possibility that the nonagenarian might make it to hundred.

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