The Magnificent Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt and His Achievements

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Throughout presidential history the name Theodore Roosevelt has been greatly known as a magnificent president for the people. In this primary source president Roosevelt is able to give us a good perspective about how many presidents before him took advantage of the constitution and the people. Making an impacting statement saying, “...The president is servant of congress rather than the people.” Stating that no president has gone out of their way to help the people but only to harm them. During this time, Roosevelt wanted to regulate railroads. By regulating the prices the railroads were charging for carrying out freight and passengers. He went on to look into the regulation of natural resources and Taft troubles. He took pride in national parks as he saw them as beauty by saying, “beautiful and wonderful creatures whose existence was threatened by greed and wantonness.” He was able to establish five national parks and fifty wildlife preserves. Along his side there was John Muir a preservationist.. These were issues that were either harming the people or the world all together, Which is why Roosevelt took action into making the situation better for the people as well as making the environment much safer and efficient for the future.

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Theodore Roosevelt set out an ideal presidential career, In which he was able to use power by following the constitution and not taking advantage and as well as helping those who were in need of assistance. He did not let congress manipulate him in any way and did things his way that in the long run was able to make the country and better nation. With this Roosevelt was able to set an example for the greater good for the future presidents in line.

Moving on into Theodore Roosevelt. During september of 1902, President Mckinley was shot and died a week later after the assasination. The presidential spot was now Theodore Roosevelt’s. He became the youngest to ever take place in the presidency at age 42. He came from an established family background which made him want to succeed as well, he had written over a dozen books along the lines of history, natural history and personal experiences. No more than a year after acquiring the presidency Roosevelt was faced with a problem in the nation. This later set him aside from everyone else who was president. Coal miners wanted higher wages, eight hour workdays and recognition of their union. The strike went on for a while and the cold weather was approaching. At the time, coal was the only source of heat for the people.He looked into the constitution but nothing in their made him intervene but he still did. Owners did not want to cooperate with Roosevelt when coming into an agreement but the owners of the mines suggested using military force against the miners to breakup the strike. Roosevelt was angry about this and called them “Insolent” and “Well-nigh criminal”. Later he considered using armed forces against the owners to open the mines. J.P morgan later stepped in and convinced the companies into arbitration in which the miners got higher wages and a nine hour workday. As for their other goals were denied. This set Theodore Roosevelt apart because no other president had treated the people as equal as the owners or even threatening to use armed forces against them.

In conclusion, Theodore Roosvelt’s goals and ideas were to treat the people as any other powerful company or owner. He got involved even if the constitution did not require him to but did not take advantage of the power he had. He wanted to be different than any other president to set out an example on how the country should be ran. He was able to identify an issue and found a more peaceful solution without hurting the people. This created trust within them and did not want president Roosvelt to leave the presidency.

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