The Importance Of Implementing Gun Control Policy In The Us

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When I become a police officer it will be my duty to serve and protect the citizens of my community. There are many things that can be done to make sure that this is done in the correct manner and one of those things is gun control. From the start of history, you see guns being to protect our nation, to protect homes, to hunt, and even for sporting events. We have shifted from these activities to guns being involved in the many mass shootings happening here in the United States. Gun control isn’t about taking away guns, it is about putting in place stricter laws, reducing the number of mass shootings, and reducing the number of accidental deaths by guns.

The second amendment of the United States Constitution gives each person the right to bear arms. It is not the wish of those who wants stricter gun control to infringe on the rights of the second amendment, but it is their wish to have something done about the number of senseless shootings. Laws should be put in place that implements stricter universal background checks for firearm and ammunition purchases, as well as mental evaluations. We can take notes from countries such as Finland and Switzerland where they rank low in gun ownership and murder rates. In both places gun owners must pass background checks that includes criminal and mental evaluations and acquire licenses. While we cannot control what a person does in their home gun owners should be encouraged to have guns locked away because a lot of shootings happen with stolen guns.

As a mother I worry about my son every time I take him to school because I never know when I will get that call that there is a mass murderer in his school. Every few weeks we here about a disturbed individual going into a school with a high-capacity firearm or military grade weapon. This should not be happening here, and these types of weapons should be banned from civilian use. In 2018 alone there have been 198 mass shootings that have been reported, and currently the United States ranks number one in mass shootings. Mass shootings once again raise the need for mental evaluations before owing a gun. While there are some mass shootings that were an act of terrorism many shootings were caused by an individual who suffered from mental health issues, bullying, or simple a disgruntle individual.

Guns are not the cause of firearm related deaths, people are the cause. Especially those who does not properly store and lock their guns. Children are more naturally impulsive and curious and often find themselves in avoidable situations involving guns. Children will find guns usually end up shooting themselves or another child. About fifty percent of unintentional shootings were caused by a self-inflicted gunshot and many of the unintentional deaths are caused by family members or friends with a firearm. Those with guns should ensure that always see a gun as loaded, get training on the proper handling of the firearm, and keep guns locked away. For the government to work on our behalf we must do our part to ensure gun safety as well.

Guns and gun control continue to be a trending topic of debates when it comes to government policies. While it is known that people can die several ways we can do something to cut back on the number accidental deaths and mass shootings here in the United States. We should work toward stricter and more invasive background checks that first and foremost involve a universal criminal back ground check and mental evolution.

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